Shopping Trip 2/3  

Posted by Johnny

First Stop Walgreens

I had $22 worth of RR's to use by tomorrow so I ended up get Rebate items.
I was hoping to have only a couple dollars OOP however for some unknown reason it would not take my 2 $10 RR's so I had to use one $10 and one $2.
This is what I got and what I used:

Walgreens Multi Purpose Solution - 1.99

Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation - 9.99 -$2 MQ = 7.99

Revlon Creme Lip Gloss - 9.99 - $2 MQ = 7.99

After coupons and RR's my OOP was $7.51

Then I will get $24.17 with the 10% bonus on my gift card. I had to pay cash because I have not yet received last months gift card money.

Then I went to Kroger where my bad karma continued!

The above items came to a toal of $22.56

For some of you this may be great, but for me I am very upset. I can not for the life of me figure out which coupons teh cashier didn't scan. I should of had 12 scanned coupons and she only scanned 10. I actually caught one of them for the popcorn or she would have missed that one. Then to top this all off all of my shortcut coupons did not come off. I have filed a dispute with them so maybe I will get back that $1.75.

In total I spent $7 more than I had planned. Also Kroger pulled all of last weeks Mega item signs even though they were still on sale. I figured this out when I asked the cashier to scan the cereal. It had a sign for $3.?? however it scanned for $2.69. This was also a bummer, because I could have bought more cheese and cat litter to get me up to the 10 items to get the $5 off.

Anyway I probably will not return anything or go back in there. I will definitely use this as yet another learning experience.

As a positive note the soft scrub was on closeout for 1.84 and with the .50 MQ it makes them only .34! We use a lot of soft scrub so this is a great find I will be going back for more.

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I like the Kroger in Auburn so much better! I have had nothing but difficulties in our "Kroger" store. Sorry this happened to you.

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