A Very Busy Weekend  

Posted by Johnny

Wow! I had a real busy weekend. To start my weekend off I went to Churabusco top pick apples! This was an unplanned trip, but I got about 20 gallons of apples for FREE! Thanks to a member on the Ft. Wayne Freecycle group. If you don't belong to your local Freecycle group you should join. Just google Freecylce and go from there every area has different rules. I am a member of the FT. Wayne, Angola and Coldwater groups. The Ft.Wayne one is the best. I have also given a lot of unused items away through Freecycle, so they don't go to waste or in the landfill.

Then after making applesauce and apple butter for two days, I went to the Reenactment on Saturday. I just can't wait to start! My daughter and I had a wonderful time learning the period dances and spent most of the day there. We did take a break and go into town to check out the Fall Fest, and just like every other year we were disappointed!

Sunday I had full intentions of getting some shopping done before my coupons expired. Unfortunately that didn't happen!

So regretfully I only got some shopping in today! I did miss out on the double dips at Walgreens along with the rebates that I had been holding off on! Plus I didn't get the chance to use my $5 off $20 coupon!

What I did get was a lot of great memories with my family that will last a lifetime!! So I guess I will not get too bent out of shape about it.

Kroger Deals Starting 9/25-10/1  

Posted by Johnny

These are just a few of the deals starting at Kroger tomorrow. I am very excited about the butter! Remember butter freezes so you can buy the amount you have coupons for then freeze what you think you will not use up shortly. With the Holidays rolling around I am sure you will use than up quickly.
This is just the deals I found interesting. Their will be a lot of other .88 items so be sure to go in a check them out!

Land O Lakes Margarine or Spreadable Butter or Parkay Margarine
8-16 oz Land O Lakes or 13-16 oz Parkay, Quarters or Tubs 89¢ With Card LOWEST PRICE OF THE SEASON!

Land O Lakes fresh buttery taste spread $0.30 /1 11-01-2008 Insert 09-07-08 SS1
Land O Lakes fresh buttery taste spread $0.55 /1 11-01-2008 Insert 09-07-08 SS1
Land O Lakes fresh buttery taste spread $1.00 /2 11-01-2008 Insert 09-07-08 SS1

Kraft Easy Mac Microwaveable Cups
2.05 oz, Assorted Varieties 79¢ With Card LOWEST PRICE OF THE SEASON!

There is actually a $1.00 /2 MQ but I am not sure which week it from.
Kraft Easy Mac $0.75 /3 02-28-2009 Tearpad Found on Easy Mac Display
Kraft Easy Mac $1.00 /1 02-28-2009 Tearpad Found on Easy Mac Display

Angel Soft Bath Tissue
9 Mega or 12 Double Rolls 5.99

Angel Soft Toilet Paper, Any 6 Double Roll + $0.50 /1 10-12-2008 Insert 08-17-08 RP
Angel Soft Toilet Paper, Any 6 Double Roll + $1.00 /2 10-12-2008 Insert 08-17-08 RP

Ball Park Meat Hot Dogs
12.8-16 oz (Excludes Beef) 10 for $10 With Card LOWEST PRICE OF THE SEASON

Ball Park Franks (any) $1.00 /2 09-30-2008 Blinkie All varieties included
BallPark Franks, Any $1.00 /2 09-28-2008 Insert 08-24-08 RP

Walgreens Trip 9-23  

Posted by Johnny

So I stopped in Walgreens today and did a couple more deals. This picture is yesterdays and today's shopping trips.

2-Reach Toothbrushes Sale 2/$5 - (2)$1 MQ = $3
3-Dimetapp Sale 2/$10 - (3)$1MQ = $12
Total = $16.05 - $10RR from previous weeks Robitussin Deal = $6.05
Received $10 & $5 RR's

Transaction #1
2-Reach Toothbrushes Sale 2/$5 - (2)$1 MQ = $3
2-Nabisco Cookies Sale 2/$5
3-Ghirardelli Chocolate Bars Sale 2/$3 - $1/2 ESR Sept. book (received $1.50 off)+MQ B2G1 Free (not sure where I picked this up from, it was from a tearpad)

Used $10 RR from above bringing my total to .67. Cashier had to adjust my Free coupon to $1 just because my total before tax was less than 1.50 which was the price of one Ghirardelli bar.
Received $5 & $3 RR's

Transaction #2
2-Reach Toothbrushes 2/$5 - (1)$1 MQ = $4
Used $3 RR from above bring total to - $1.35
Received $5 RR

Grand Total = $8.07

Will go in tomorrow and roll the 5RR into the cookies again.
Hopefully I can go into a different Walgreens tomorrow besides the one here in town and I can find some Crest Pro-Health.

Civil War Re-enactment  

Posted by Johnny

This weekend is Fall Fest and along with the Fall Fest there will be a Civil War re-enactment. I encourage everyone in the area to join in the fun and come out and go through the campsite. I am not personally involved yet, however I hope to be by next year.
Also, on Saturday at the Selman Timber Frame (new building at Commons Park) they have some great activities that may be interesting to check out. I have listed the activities below with their times.

9-10am Camping Drill & Pickets
10-11am Live Fire Mortar & Artillery Firing Demonstration
10:30-Noon Storytellers Drum
Noon-1pm Period Fashion Show (prizes for Top 3)
1-2pm Period Dance Training (Definitely will be there for this)
2-3pm Battalion Parade & Dress Prayer w/Chaplin
3-4pm BATTLE OF CHAMPION'S HILL(Taps and March)
4-5pm Storytellers Drum (Speech at the Timber Frame)
6-10pm Period Town Dance (PUBLIC INVITED)
8pm Night Artillery Fire

You can checkout the website here.

It is very important for people to support this event so they can continue to make this a bigger and better event every year.

Meijer Mealbox Coupons Updated  

Posted by Johnny

Meijer mealbox has finally added some coupons of use!!! I am actually excited about these! I have listed them below so you can see for yourself.
Also, a couple of them matchup great with the deals this week:

Rice-a-Roni is 5/$5 - MM $1 off/5 so these are then .80ea
Carapelli Olive Oil 33% off - MM $1 off any (I am hoping they have the smaller sizes pretty cheap)

Just remember they have cahnged these so they are only one per transaction, so you may have to do several transactions to get the amount of items you want!

Cereal & Breakfast
Quaker High Fiber 12.6 oz. or Simple Harvest Oatmeal, 11.8 oz. 1.00 off

Chi-Chi's Salsa, any size $1.00 off 2

Freezer Case
Any Joy of Cooking Frozen Food Item $1.00 off
Kahiki Single Serve Entree, Egg Roll, Appetizer, or Family Meal $1.00 off any 2
Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice 89 oz $1.00 off

Meat (Cured Meats)
Oscar Mayer Bacon $3 off purchase of 2

Carapelli Olive Oil, any size $1.00 off

Pasta & Rice
Any 5 Rice -A -Roni or Pasta Roni $1.00 off

Frito Lay Baked Lays, 9 oz. $1.00 off

Spices & Seasonings
Any 2 McCormick Spices $1 off
Any McCormick Crusting Blend $1.00 off

Tortillas & Wraps
Taco Bell Kits $1.00 off any 2

Other Specials
Aquafina FlavorSplash or Alive 6 pk. .5 liter .50 off
32 oz. Gatorade G2 or Tiger Woods .50 off
Propel 6pk/500 ml .75 off
Any Ziploc Zip N' Steam 1.00 off

Food Surprise "Thanks To God"  

Posted by Johnny

I have received two great surprises from God this week and I couldn't be happier!

I am always looking for great bargains and how I can get things for next to nothing but the last two days I have had been given FREE food.
First off John went to Cleveland for work and on his way home he went by his Uncle's house in Toledo. His uncle sent him home with 2 large freezer bags filled with Salmon. Yeah I love fish, but it is so expensive!
Then my Mom told me that at one of her rentals she had a tree loaded down with pears and if I wanted them I needed to go get them. So of course I did.

I have never canned pears before, so I looked it up in my canning book and sure enough it was in there and it was very easy. Time consuming but easy! Now I just need to find some more jars for cheap (Free would be better). Here is what I got accomplished tonight. Spencer and I did a few jars tonight to start. I only had a couple hours so I did what I could. Here are the pictures of what we did. I probably will end up with three times this amount which is not a ton but more than I had before!

God really provides! As the price of gas goes up he just keeps proving that we can get by if we fully depend on Him.

Nobama 08'  

Posted by Johnny

This is one of the biggest reasons I will not vote for a Democrat!

Calling all Oatmeal Lovers  

Posted by Johnny

Okay so I just found this great deal on oatmeal at Meijer. This week Meijer has Quaker Oatmeal 18oz on sale for 1.29. There are MQ for .50/1 18oz and up. If I remember right these were in last Sunday's paper (9/7/08). So if your Meijer doubles it will only be .29!
We don't eat a lot of plain oatmeal, but we do like to make No-Bake cookies. So I will try to get in to Meijer a couple times this week to stock up on Oatmeal.

Meijer Deals 9/14-9/20  

Posted by Johnny

Thanks to cecismom at HotCouponWorld for the heads up on these great deals!
I just copied the ones that I thought were really good…
The whole ad was not posted so there might be some other great deals that go along with these.

Kellogs Cereals select varieties or Nutragrain Bars 5/10 AND Buy any 5 Kellogs or Nutragrain bars and get 3.00 off a gallon Meijer Milk

Store brand juice, $2 off WYB Kellogg's Nutri-grain cereal bars (6-ct or larger) and Keebler Right Bites cookies (6-ct or larger) $2.00/3 09-30-2008 Booklet Keebler/Kellogg's Fuel For School booklet
Kellogg's Nutrigrain Cereal Bars, Any Original, Yogurt Or Fruit & Nut
$1.00 /2 09-28-2008 Insert 08-03-08 Kellogg

Campbells Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup 10/5

Campbells Condensed Soups chicken noodle or tomato soups $0.40 /4 11-30-2008 Insert 09-07-08 SS2

Campbells Soup at Hand or Ready to Eat Soup 5/5

Campbells Soup at Hand Cups $0.50 /2 10-19-2008 Insert 09-07-08 SS2

Land O lakes Butter Quarters or Spreadable Butter 2/5

Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter With Canola Oil Products, Any $1.00/2 10-18-2008 Insert 08-24-08 SS
Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter With Canola Oil Products, Any $0.55/1 10-18-2008 Insert 08-24-08 SS
Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter With Canola Oil Products, Any $0.50/1 10-18-2008 Insert 08-24-08 SS
Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter With Canola Oil Products, Any $0.35/1 10-18-2008 Insert 08-24-08 SS

Pillsbury Crescent or Sweet Rolls 4/6
Pillsbury Sweet Rolls Or Grand’s Sweet Rolls, Any $0.30/1 10-04-2008 Insert 07-13-08 SS
Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands! Sweet Rolls $0.35/1 Rolling Printable Link to Printable in DB
Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands! Sweet Rolls $0.35/1 Rolling Printable Link to Printable in DB
Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands Sweet Rolls $0.30 /1 11-29-2008 Insert 09-07-08 GM
Pillsbury Sweet Rolls Or Grand's Sweet Rolls, Any $0.30/1 11-01 2008 Insert 08-10-08 GM
Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls, Any $0.35/1 10-04-2008 Insert 07-13-08 SS
Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls $0.25 /1 11-29-2008 Insert 09-07-08

Juicy Juice 46 oz 4/9

Nestle Juicy Juice Product, Any $1.00 /2 11-03-2008 Insert 08-03-08 RP
Nestle Juicy Juice Product, Any $1.00 /1 11-03-2008 Insert 08-03-08 RP
Nestle Juicy Juice Product, Any $0.50 /2 11-03-2008 Insert 08-03-08 RP

Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix 3/5

Aunt Jemima Mix or Syrup 24 oz or larger $1.00 /2 10-31-2008 Insert 09-07-08 RP

Catalina Surprise From Meijer  

Posted by Johnny

I was into Meijer today and pick up two of the $1 Land O' Lakes butter. I used my coupons from this past weeks paper simply because I could not find the .50 coupons from the other day so I paid .45 for each. Then to my surprise I received a .75 Catalina off my next order. Wow! I did find my other coupons and will go back in to get more tomorrow. The next ones will be FREE plus the .75 Catalina!!!

If you go into Meijer this week make sure to pick up some Lysol products because they're 1/2 off right now, so some items are only .14 after .50 coupon!!

University of California Discriminates Against Christian High Schools  

Posted by Johnny

My Niece just called me and brought this to my attention. Please watch the video and read the report. This is very important that all of us Christians stand up against this type of discrimination. This is why this election will be so important!


I could not get the video to download, but I will keep trying so just use the link above for now.

Apple Butter Recipe  

Posted by Johnny

We went away Thursday and got back today. While we were gone I came across a great Apple Butter recipe. I am not crazy about Apple Butter but John absolutely loves it. I thought this is a great time with all the apples in season to make some.

6 -7 pounds tart apples unpeeled and quartered
3 Cups Water
3-1/2 Cups Sugar (can be adjusted)
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 cinnamon stick (3 inches)

(I will probably also add nutmeg even though the recipe does not call for it.)


In a 6-8 quart pot bring apples and water to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until the apples are tender. Press cooked apples through a colander or food mill. Discard peels.

Return pureed apples to the pot. Stir in the remaining ingredients. Simmer uncovered, stirring frequently, until the consistency is very thick and the color is dark brown, about 8 hours. Freeze in containers.

Yield: 4-6 Cups

I can't wait to try this one out!

Great Surprise from Kroger  

Posted by Johnny

I picked up my mail today and got a great surprise! I received this book and it is loaded with coupons!
I had seen one that someone else got and so I e-mailed the company and asked for one. It had been so long since the e-mail that I thought the answer was "no". In between times they have also mailed me some other great coupons too! I love surprises and I really love coupons!
So take some time and e-mail them and see what you get!

It's been Awhile!  

Posted by Johnny

I know it's been awhile since I have posted, but between starting school and the Holiday weekend I just couldn't get blogging in.

I actually have not been super excited about the great deals anyway, but felt like I should have posted something, but I didn't!
So, I was out shopping today not looking for really much of anything. But I did find some great deals and after the full day of shopping!

Pictured below is the great CVS run! I only paid .03 OOP! (out of pocket)
This doesn't look like much however the lipstick is 9.99 normally. I just can't believe people pay that.

I used the Covergirl BOGO coupon in conjunction with the BOGO deal CVS is running. The flip-flops were marked down 75% off making them 1.25. And then the toothpaste was 2.99 with 2.00 ecb's and then I used the 1.00 coupon from a couple weeks ago.

After stopping by Walgreens and then Meijer Mom and I hit Kroger which had skinless boneless chicken marked at 1.43/#! WOW!!! I picked up 24#'s! That price around here is very good and I have a hard time finding it even reduced for that price.

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