Food Surprise "Thanks To God"  

Posted by Johnny

I have received two great surprises from God this week and I couldn't be happier!

I am always looking for great bargains and how I can get things for next to nothing but the last two days I have had been given FREE food.
First off John went to Cleveland for work and on his way home he went by his Uncle's house in Toledo. His uncle sent him home with 2 large freezer bags filled with Salmon. Yeah I love fish, but it is so expensive!
Then my Mom told me that at one of her rentals she had a tree loaded down with pears and if I wanted them I needed to go get them. So of course I did.

I have never canned pears before, so I looked it up in my canning book and sure enough it was in there and it was very easy. Time consuming but easy! Now I just need to find some more jars for cheap (Free would be better). Here is what I got accomplished tonight. Spencer and I did a few jars tonight to start. I only had a couple hours so I did what I could. Here are the pictures of what we did. I probably will end up with three times this amount which is not a ton but more than I had before!

God really provides! As the price of gas goes up he just keeps proving that we can get by if we fully depend on Him.

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