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The following is a study of The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict by Josh McDowell.
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Unique In Its Continuity

The Bible is the only book that was

1. Written over about a fifteen-hundred-year span.
2. Written by more than 40 authors from every walk of life,. including kings, military leaders, peasants, philosophers, fishermen, tax collectors, poets, musicians, statesmen, scholars, and shepherds.
3. Written in different places.
4. Written in different times.
5. Written during different moods.
6. Written on three continents.
7. Written in three languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, & Greek
8. Written in a wide variety of literary style.
9. The Bible addresses hundreds of controversial subjects.
10. In Spite of its diversity, the Bible presents a single unfolding story.
11. Finally, and most important, among all the described in the Bible, the lead character throughout is the one, true, living God made known through Jesus Christ.

Consider first the Old Testament: the Law provides the "foundation for Christ," and the prophecies display an "expectation" of Christ. In the New Testament, the "Gospels...record the historical manifestation of Christ, the Epistles give the interpretation of Him, and in Revelation is found the consummation of all things in Christ."(Geisler/Nix, GIB'86, 29) From cover to cover, the Bible is Christocentric.

Therefore, although the Bible contains many books by many authors, it shows in its continuity that it is also one book. As F.F. Bruce observes (I tend to agree) "any part of the human body can only be properly explained in reference to the whole body. And any part of the Bible can only be properly explained in reference to the whole Bible." (Bruce, BP, 89)

The uniqueness of the Bible as shown above does not prove that it is inspired. It does however, challenge any person sincerely seeking truth to consider seriously its unique quality in terms of its continuity.

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