Walgreens This Weeks Trip 4/28  

Posted by Johnny

I made it into Walgreens last night and picked up several of the Freebies this week. Unfortunately they were out of the Ecotrin, which would have been a money maker with Q.

Anyway this is what I got:
(1) Bayer Contour Meter @ $14.99 - $14.99 MQ = FREE + $5 RR
(3) Sierra Mist @ 3/$11 - (3) $2 MQ (Home mailer from January's Deal) = $1.66ea + $3 RRwyb3
(2) Nivea Body Wash @ $4.99ea - (1) $1 MQ = 1 @ $4.99 & 1 @ $3.99 + (2) $5 RR's
(1) Rembrandt Mouth Wash @ $4.99 + $5 RR
(2) Bayer Quick Release Tabs 4ct @ $2.49ea = (2) $2.50 RR's
(2) Bamboo Napkin Rings @ 2/$1

I split this up into two transactions, the first one is when I found out that they have changed it so you have to have the same # of items per # of coupons. In the past you could give the RR's then give them the MQ's and you would have no problems. However, now they have updated their computers to be smarter! Now you must have the same number of items as you do Q's. That is why I bought the (2) napkin rings. You could also buy seeds if you want to buy something cheap.
So after both transactions I ended up with $17.90 OOP and $24 in RR's to roll into other deals. Just remember when rolling RR's, you can not use a RR on the same deal or you will not get another one. Example: When I go to buy more Nivea I can not use a Nivea RR, but I can use one from the Bayer,Sierra Mist, Contour or Rembrant. I have forgot sometimes and realised it too late. So learn from my mistakes!

Side note here---The Nivea smells SOOO yummy!

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There's three things you can try on the Ecotrin. From my understanding all Walgreens get trucks on Saturday. It'd be your best bet for a close to home walgreens. The 2nd thing is get a raincheck. You may not get a RR on it, but with the coupon it'll still be free. The third thing is to find a walgreens in a more affluent neighborhood. I've found there is MUCH less competition from coupon shoppers in richer neighborhoods and that's where I do the bulk of my shopping on deals now.


Thanks Tex!
I actually went to a store about 30 minutes from my house and picked some up. When I bought it I also got a $2/1 catalina. It is for the larger size however, my Mom used this same catalina to buy hers and it worked. The cashier said "that shouldn't have worked but Oh well, it did." So she got hers free and also got the RR.
Great deals this week. Not so great next week though! At least not that I can tell.

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