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Posted by Johnny

I went to K-Mart today to get it over with and I found some great deals along with a GREAT BIG PAIN! I might have known this last time, but I forgot that they will only double (4) like coupons. So when they totalled my order and it came to $27.98 I about hurt someone...just joking.

I knew something was wrong, so I immediately asked the guy to please let me look over the q's and the receipt. So I paid the $27.98 and then stepped to the service desk. That is when the service desk lady informed me that they only double (4) of the same q. So I then told her I didn't want the extra items, which totalled $26.69 w/o q's.

It turned into a nightmare, because they really didn't know how to void the whole transaction or give me my money back. The first thing they did was to try to deduct my q's and not give them back to me. (Never allow them to keep your q's if they deduct them from your money back.) I then told her nicely that I either needed my q's or she needed to give me a full refund for the items. Her and another lady discussed this then decided I was right and they would just give me my money back. Keep in mind I was standing there 45 minutes, while they were trying to figure this all out.

Well, by the time it was all said and done I spent $11.29 for all of this stuff. I should have spent less but after standing there 45 minutes I wasn't thinking straight. So I told her I wanted to rebuy the four boxes of cereal that I couldn't get earlier, with the doubled q's. Which in turn essentially cost me $6 when if I was thinking they should have only cost me $2. DUH! Well, I will be going back this week and getting more cereal and possibly more cat food.

Whiskas cat food ends up $1.12 after the doubled $2 MQ.

Wholesome Goodness Cat Food ends up .10/3! Can't beat that. My cat is getting old and does a lot better with soft food, even though I give him both soft and hard food.

As I have said before, you will make mistakes when you are new and old to couponing. Just don't give up and stick to it. Still after making mistakes it is still cheaper than paying normal prices, wouldn't you agree?!

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Did you go to FW? I haven't been to a K-Mart in forever!

Actually I went to Sturgis. That is where I went last time too. It is a pretty clean K-Mart, but small. I wish we had a Super K close by.
Friday I might go to Ft. Wayne, simply becasue Mom and I have to go for other things as well.

I hope your next trip goes better! I think sometimes it is all about which cashier you get!

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