It's That Time Of Year Again  

Posted by Johnny

Well, this is the time of the year when I start looking into what curriculum I will be using next year for school. I will be using Saxon for Math, which we have been using for the past three years now, but I am really trying to find an all inclusive curriculum that will not cost me a fortune.
There are several companies out there that offer what I like, but I simply can not afford them. Also, what I buy for Spencer, I usually can't use for Morgan. They have completely two different learning styles.
Spencer, my oldest is so hard to get motivated. He hates everything! Morgan on the other hand just does her work and I really can give her anything and she will do it even if she hates it.
So, I have been looking over "Blessed Is The Man" for Spencer. It is a four year Unit Study based on Psalm 1, and the best part is it is affordable. I really am torn about this. I reviewed it online and I really think it is great and it covers everything except Math and some Science. I also like the fact that it is directed towards the student and I have minimal input, beside grading papers and some help directing him towards Units.
I definitely am asking for prayers to help guide me so I can make a decision. I want to do what is best for my son and I want him to enjoy the work he is doing. I also want him to enjoy learning as he grows closer to God.
If anyone has used this curriculum with an A.D.D. child I would love to hear your opinion of it, or if you know of any other curriculum that I may be interested in.

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