One Sock Done  

Posted by Johnny

Well my sock is done. I finished it Sunday and didn't get it posted. However, the bad news is that it doesn't fit! I am sure it would have fit if I would have bought the yarn I intended on getting (Patons Strech Yarn) in the first place, because it has more give to it. But I am so cheap that I chose this Sock yarn instead, because I figured if I did not finish then I would not be out the money plus I used a 40% off coupon at Joann's. I was very disappointed at first then I decided that it was just a learning experience. I have started the next one and I am making it bigger. I also had to buy more yarn, which means I didn't really save any money! GRRR!
Oh well, I am really enjoying making these stupid socks and I hope my family will enjoy them as much, because they will all probably get a pair for Christmas...LOL! Now that I have taken the mystery out of crocheting I am finding I can crochet a lot of things. I have made a few flowers, a granny square, and a dishcloth. After I finish these socks though I need to re-focus on Aprons and Denim. I am so A.D.D that I tend to drift from project to project.
I also have finished sewing Spencer's Boy Scout badges on his sash. He seemed pretty happy that I finally got them on. I wanted to get caught up before he gets his Eagle, which should be some time this summer. Sewing badges on is the last thing I want to be doing before his Eagle party!

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