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Posted by Johnny

So I ended up at three different stores tonight. My husband was home early so he got the privilege of coming with me. Sometimes he just doesn't get teh madness. He likes the "FREE" stuff, but just doesn't like having to make more than one stop to get it.
So here was what I got tonight:
First Stop Meijer:
(4) Campbells Soup (2) Cream of Mushroom Soup & (2) Cream of Chicken @.79ea - .25MQ = 2.66/.67ea (did not ring up right so I had to get it price adjusted)
2#+ of Bananas @ .59/# = 1.31
Reduced Meat 20% off = 3.42
Reduced Head of Lettuce @ .49
(1) Velveeta @ 4.49 - $1 IP(no longer available) = 3.49
(4) Breakstone Sour Cream @ .99 - (4) .55MQ = .44ea
Grand Total after Q's = $12.93

Next Wal-mart:
(2) Wheat Thins Artisan @ $2ea - 1 BOGO MQ - $1/2 MQ = .50ea
(5) Kraft Dressings @ $1.58ea - $1.50MQ = .80ea
(1) 3pk Tomatoes @ $1 used B2 Kraft Dressing get $1off produce = FREE
(1) Carrots @.84 used B2 Kraft Dressing get $1off produce = FREE
(1) All You Magazine @ $2.24 - .50 MQ (found in last months All You) = $1.74 (Loaded with coupons a must have)
(1) Cascade Rinse Agent @ $3.47 - 3.47 from Home Mailer go here to sign up for it.
My grand Total was: $3.54
If your looking for Kraft Dressing Coupons I can only find them on e-bay the coupon clippers it out of them for now. However, I will not pay the price they are going for on e-bay. Maybe I will find some through another avenue???

Final Stop Kroger (Scott's):
I still had plenty of Captain Crunch Q's left to use before they expire tomorrow so I went in for more FREE CC. Also I bought some Nesquick with the Q's I ordered last week from e-bay and just received, I gave the last to the friendly cashier that tripled all of my Q's in one transaction! I got some yesterday then today and felt as if I got my monies worth out of them so I gave him the rest since the will expire tomorrow. So I also made a coupon friendly cashier.

(8) Captain Crunch @ 2.50 - (8) .50/1 MQ (4) of these ended up being FREE with the promo which is buy 4 get $4 off reducing the cost to $1.50, I did not realize that this would only take (1) $4 off, however you will see why it was okay. So (4) were $1ea.
(8) Nesquick Milk $1 - (8) .50/1 = FREE
(1) Always Infinity @ $5.57 - FREE Q from sample mailed to me - $2 eSaver coupon (so I am $2 over free, which I totally forgot about having loaded)
(1) Refried Beans @ $1 (no Q couldn't find it) :-(
So my grand total here was $3.39 which would have been a negative number if I would have split up the cereal from this order, so it ended up okay that I paid. I do not like to draw attention by having a ZERO balance or a negative. It causes the cashier to think something is wrong? So I try to keep it with a total. They already look at the screen multiple times to make sure it is right, so I can't imagine if they would get negative #! LOL...I have read some stores(not in this town) will give you the money!
Anyway...these are the shopping trips that I just absolutely LOVE!!! Just for kicks I took a picture of the last couple of days Captian Crunch Stockpile...this is not all of it, but this is most of it. My Kids are getting mad about eating only Captain Crunch! I keep telling them "At least you get to eat!" Teenagers...can't wait for them to start shopping with their own money.

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You might want to try this with your Bogo coupons at Kroger. It seems to work consistently in Texas and might work where you are at. If the sale is greater than 50% of normal retail price you can often get both items for free or change back. Did this about a month ago with some Glade Candle holders with a BOGO coupon. Retailed for $5.49 each and the sale was for 2 for $5. So after the coupon and this was the only thing I got (because it was a surprise for the wifey) I got $0.53 cents back. I tried it again with Artisan Wheat thins. This time it retailed for $3.49 and was on sale 2 for $4. And I got them for $0.51 for the two. But it seems you came out a penny better at Walmart. Best of luck to you.

Sorry i guess I should have been more concise. Kroger here seems to always do the BOGO price on the coupon for retail price regardless of whether it is on sale or not. So even though they were on special, the discounted coupon price is the everyday normal price and not the sale price

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