This Weeks Shopping Trips  

Posted by Johnny

This post is a couple of days past due, but I have been so busy making my aprons that I have not posted my deals. Once I start sewing it's hard for me to pull myself away!

This is my Walgreens Trip. I had $4.83 OOP...I had a brain fart, because I forgot to use my RR's. I was in a hurry and that always makes me miss something. However, after coupons I had approx. $11 to pay and $6 of it was tax! (When I first posted this I forgot to add that I used the rest of the money I had on a gift card that is why I only had $4.83 OOP)SO here is what I snagged...I will get a rebate of $7.69 for the Axe hair gel/paste. So really I won't be out of any money.

This is from CVS...It ended up being .43 OOP.
I actually had a $10 ECB that expired the day before and I was so upset. Well, I handed it to the cashier and did not say a word. She took it and then I was very happy! I have already lost money that way in the past. These last couple of months just have been so lack luster for me at CVS. Maybe it's just me. I have been getting the Fusions, but besides that they have not really had that great of deals.
The Ritz are from a rain check I had from a few weeks ago and the calendar was for my daughter. The were marked down to .50.

And last but not least...this is from Meijer. I think Meijer has some great deals with the frozen food month. However, my freezer is pretty full so I really only needed to buy some dry goods. I am hoping that another Arm & Hammer deals comes along soon because I just ran out of the stuff I got from Walgreens before Christmas. I will see how Morgan reacts to the ALL, her skin is sensitive and I have never tried ALL, plus it was cheap this week with the $1 coupon from the All You magazine. For this trip I spent $14 and some odd change. Sorry I am not being accurate this week, but I can't seem to find where those receipts ended up. All in all I spent approximately $1 per item with this trip.

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Did they let you get all those glades for free on the same trip? or did you make multiple purchases?

I did get them all in one trip. However, my Walgreens absolutely loves me!
I just unburied several more coupons for these, I wish I would have found them before the sale was up! Oh well, I am sure I can get them some other time for FREE.

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