Walgreens & Kroger 3/16  

Posted by Johnny

I have lots of RRs that I need to use up or roll into other deals by the end of this week so here is my first trip to Walgreens.
(4) Crisco Sticks clearanced @ $2.19ea
(3) Toms Toothpaste Clearance @ $1.29 WOW! Usually close to $5
(1) Wal-zyr Allergy $3.99 Rebate for 3.99 = FREE
(3) Reach Floss @ $3ea - $1/1 MQ = $2ea
(8) Dove Single Bar @ $1.04
I used $28 in RR's and paid $5.82 OOP(my gift card has not been re-loaded yet)
I also received a $10 RR for the Dove & a $6 RR for the Reach.
While I was in there shopping I jotted down some clearanced items and I am hoping to find s a few match-ups. If I do I will be posting what I find.
Note: To those of you not familiar with Walgreens, you can not use a RR on an item the gives the same RR. Example: I had a $10 RR from last week for teh Dove deal. I can not use that RR on the Dove and still get another $10 RR. This is what is meant by rolling...so if you want to roll your RRs you try to look for seperate deals to keep them rolling.

I did not intend on going into Kroger until tomorrow, but after I was in town I decided to go to Kroger today then hit Meijer tomorrow. However, I still will go to Kroger again tomorrow for more milk and more FREE butter.
Here is the breakdown:
(2) Armour Meatballs @ $2.49ea - .55MQ = $1.94ea
(2) 1/2 Gallons Milk @ .99ea = $1.98
(2) Land o Lakes Butter @ $1.49ea - .50 = FREE
(2) Dixie Plates @1.99ea - .35MQ = .94ea
(4) Cottonelle 4pk @.99ea - .50/2 MQ= .24ea
(1) Secret Deodorant @ $1.50 - .50MQ = FREE
(1) Sunkist 2 Liter @ $1.25 (needed to get to 10 items)
(1) Pringles Select clearance $2.00 - .50/1 MQ = .50
(2) Country Crock @ $1.49 = FREE
Bought 10 participating items for the mega deal -$5
I also received overage on the items I got for FREE so that gave me $2.50 in overage, making my grand total $7.86!!! Approx. .46/item!!

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I will be going to Walgreen's tomorrow...maybe I will see you there!

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