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Posted by Johnny

Well, I made it into the Coldwater Walgreens and picked up more soap.
After the first transaction I realised I did not get the RR for the Blink. I then told the cashier(boy)that I wanted to return it and exchange it for the correct one so I could get my RR. Needless to say he was upset. He called the manager over and stopped her before she was at the register and told her I wanted to return it and get my coupon back. I was puzzled but just stood there. The manager said, "I can do the return but your not getting the coupon back." I said that's fine as long as I get the $2. She said, "Okay, just a minute." Then she went to talk with another manager. In the meantime I am thinking, BOY OH BOY! , what a hassle, what's the big deal. Then she came back and said, "Well, the Manager said if you use a coupon sometimes you will not get the RR." I just simply said, "that's not true because I just used a coupon on the other 3 items and I got the RR. I think it really is simply because I picked up the wrong one, because none of them are marked so I was unsure which on was on sale." She said, "Oh you just want to get a different one?" I replied "Yes, I didn't expect to get the coupon back, I just want to get the one for the sale." It was funny how much she changed her demeanor after she realised what I REALLY wanted.
I went through this story to help you new couponers realise that sometimes the employees at the store do not understand their own programs and sometimes you have to be patient to get good deals.
After getting the correct Blink, I only got an additional lotion for my second transaction. I was actually going to do more, but I was upset with the cashier, because he really didn't want to deal with me.
After breaking the Angola Walgreens store in I really have no patience to train a new store! LOL!!! It still was worth the hassle for the FREE soap.

Some people are reporting that the Cyrstal Clear Reach TB are giving $3 RR when you buy 3. This did not work for me, but they were still Free after coupons.

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