Walgreens Great Trip 3/5 "All FREE"  

Posted by Johnny

Wow!! I had a great trip to Walgreens tonight! Here is the picture of what I got(minus one bar of soap) and I didn't have any out of pocket! I did a total of five transactions and I had leftover from last months rebates so I used my gift card to pay. I still have over $5 left on it and will be getting $49 here in the next week so I am feeling pretty good about it. Also, I used $16 in RR's and accumulated $23 so I also gained on them.

It is a little too much to list but I will link some of the deals.

Go here to read about the Dove deal. John was out of soap so this was a great find! I think I am going to head to Coldwater to do this deal again because our Walgreens is out and they only have deodorants.

Go here to read about the Johnson's & Johnson's deal. This will be great for baby showers.

Go here to read about the Vaseline & Colgate deals.

The Gamer was a Rain check, but still giving RR's so I got them FREE plus $4 RR.

Gum was Free with MQ from 2 weeks ago, and the Turtles I bought simply because I bought a ton of coupons for the Christmas promo and then I did not get a chance to use them because someone bought all 40 boxes the store received! If people are going to do that I wish they would place an order with the Manager ahead of time. So it's an indulgence.

Sorry Christy it sounds as if you did not have a great trip...I hope you have better luck next time.

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I did have a fairly good trip...I just can't post about my Walgreen's trips because of my stalker! This week's is even better because I am getting free diapers for my niece though! It was nice to run into you there!

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