Sunday Coupon Preview  

Posted by Johnny

This Sunday there will be five inserts so make sure you get your papers. I myself will be picking up eight this week. I usually buy five Detroit and one local paper for the ads. I do have a feeling the papers will be hard to come by this week and I may have to go to Coldwater to get them. It always seems when there is a lot of coupons in the paper other people do the same thing as I do and buy more papers so they usually run out where I pick them up then I have to go to the nearest Michigan town (which is only 15 miles for me) which is Coldwater. Around here the best paper for coupons is the Detroit Free Press. When I am out of town I try to get the paper from the biggest town nearby, like in Ohio I try to get the Cleveland paper. So if you live in a rural area try to find the paper that is from the big city and you will soon discover they have been shorting us rural folk on coupons!
If you would like to see the previews for the coupons this week go here take a peek.

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