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Posted by Johnny

So I was unable to get everything I wanted but I did end up with some great deals. I also had to go in two times. Once before work and then after work. They were still unloading the truck when I went in the first time so I was hoping that when I went back they would have it all put away and have the items they were out of.

(3) Envelopes 2-100ct and 1 40ct 1.19ea - w/4-day Q .59ea
(1) Walgreens cough drops .99 - w/4-day Q .39
(1) Sudafed PE 3.99 sale - 1.00 IP MQ 2.99
(2) Sudafed PE Sinus 3.99ea sale - (2) IP MQ = 2.99ea
(3) Walgreens Ibuprofen 2/$7 on sale - w/4-day Q 3/$3
Used a 5RR
My total OOP for this one was $3.98 and I received (2) 5RR one for $25 purchase and (1) for purchasing (3) Sudafed.

(3) White Poster board .89ea - w/4-day Q 3/$1
(3) Black Poster board .99ea - w/4-day Q 3/$1
(these are not pictured due to the size)
(2) Arm & Hammer 26 load (out of the 32 load) 6.99ea - w/4-day Q 1.99ea
(2) Reynold's Wrap 1.59ea - w/7-day Q .99ea - 1.00 MQ = FREE
(3) Walgreens Ibuprofen 50ct. 2/$7 - w/4-day Q 3/$3
(2) Walgreens Cough Drops .99ea - w/4-day Q (or 7 day?) .39ea

I did use one $5RR from previous $25 purchase deal and it did work, however you can not use two of these on one order.

My total OOP was $5.21 and received a 5RR
Which I thought was a great deal for all of that. So my total for both orders was $9.19.
All of these, with the exception of the Reynolds wrap, I was getting low on so I am extremely excited about only paying approximately $10 for all of this!!

***Also when I went in the first time my favorite cahier was in there and she asked me if I had been given the 20% off friends and family coupon yet. When I told her no, the manager was just coming out of the stock room and said, "Here I have one in my pocket." Then she handed it to me!! It is good for all of next weekend! I am so excited. Your right Mom they really do like me! LOL!!!***

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Are you saying that it is now safe to go into Walgreen's with coupons? I haven't been in there in forever.

Yes most definately! With the exception of going to Diane. I just play it safe and go to the cosmetics counter.



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