Outside Decorations Cheap @ Walgreens  

Posted by Johnny

So I haven't bought any outside decorations in forever. My Mom even tried to give me some, but I didn't take them. However, these can go inside or outside. I paid 11.67 OOP for the Angel and will get a $10 Rebate. The Christmas tree I purchased with some other items but I figure it will cost me just over $5 after $10 rebate(both $11 when I put it on my Walgreens card). So that is why I got them. I also received the 20% friends and family discount on these.
These don't show up near as well in the picture. They are so pretty lit up!! I am very happy with them, even though I did exchange both of them today due to the fact both had issues.

Also, when I was in today I was talking with one of my favorite Managers and ask her about the Blow Dryers they will have tomorrow FREE after RR. They only got 4 in (2 Blue & 2 Pink), so she tells me that they will hold one until I can make it in tomorrow! WOW!! I just can't believe how nice they are being to me lately!! I am really loving Walgreens!!!

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