Where Have I Been?  

Posted by Johnny

Well, unfortunately my blog has not been the first thing on my mind lately and I am truly sorry to keep everyone hanging.
About two weeks ago I woke up with a toothache and actually was unable to do about anything. I was taking 4 Ibuprofen and 2 Tylenol at a time and the pain still would not go away. I was trying to take sleeping pills to sleep and they wouldn't even numb my pain. So I finally gave in and went to the dentist. I had just had work done to this tooth in March so I really was surprised it was causing me so much pain. I was putting off going to teh dentist because we just changed our insurance to a high deductable with a medical spending account, so I wanted to wait. The dentist prescribed an antiboitic and Vicodin, then tells me it was either a root canal or it needed to be extracted. Well, the root canal would cost OOP $599!!! Plus for some reason she can't seem to numb me???
So she sends me on my way and tells me my pain should be gone within 36 hours. WRONG! The pain was still extremely bad...like childbirth with no reason!
So after suffering another 5 days I called the oral surgeon and got my tooth taken out that day! For only $145...and I can eat again. I was eating soft food for about 10 days. I was so sick of mashed potatoes and jello. It was amazing haw good I felt that day, as soon as he pulled that tooth I was telling him "Thank You". It looked (yes I looked at it) as if my dentist filled my tooth over the cavity? Since she couldn't get me numb after two shots she just stopped drilling. Needless to say I will be finding a new dentist.
Then secondly, (like I didn't have enough going on) I started working at teh camp for their Christmas Dinners. We will have 18 Christmas dinners from now until the 20th of December. Yesterday I worked from 9a-10p.
So yes I have been busy and will try to get back to a regular Blogging schedule. I will alos try to post the great appetizers I will be making for Christmas.

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