Saving Eggs  

Posted by Johnny

If you find a great deal on eggs and your not sure what to do with them remember you can always freeze them. Read about it here. I have frozen eggs before after whisking them up and put them in a freezer bag flat in the freezer. They stack very nicely and you can store several dozen this way. Great for scrambled eggs or omelets. I have not tried freezing them individually yet, that will be next.

Glade Oil Warmers  

Posted by Johnny

After my Mom and I visited my brother in the hospital today we decided to check out the Kroger's in Ft. Wayne. We found 6 Glade Oil Warmers, however instead of getting a $4 Catalina for each one purchased we only received one. I had bought 2 and my mom 4. So then we stopped at Meijer and bought some there. The same thing happened. We only received 1 for each set of two purchased. I am very confused by this considering I was just in the Meijer here in town last night and got 4 for the 4I purchased. I think I will try to return them at Meijer and rebuy them to see if I can get my other (4)$4 Catalina's. I have plenty of these already and if I can't get the original deal then I really don't want them.

Update On My Brother  

Posted by Johnny

My brother ended up getting two stints put in on Wednesday. All went well and hopefully he will be going home Friday(tomorrow). He will have to lose some weight and be on a strict diet for his diabetes, then at some point they will go in and do a bypass. Thanks to everyone for praying for him. He will need continued prayers as he struggles with his diet.

Family Matters - Please Pray  

Posted by Johnny

So I have a bad weekend! My brother had a heart attack Friday, early morning. As we sat with him in ICU the doctor came in and told us the terrible news. The doctor informed us that he has the worst type of Coronary Artery Disease that they see. He also said that he as a surgeon really didn't like to operate on this particular type. Needless to say my brother and the rest of my family were and still are completely shocked by this news.
It's Monday now and the doctors are still are unsure of how they are going to treat his problem. I am very frustrated with these doctors. He has three that are seeing him and still nothing has been done. Last night I left the hospital thinking he would be having angioplasty today. Then at 3pm we find out that they are not going to do surgery and won't be until the earliest Wednesday and that is just tentative.
I am very frustrated! Please keep my brother, his family and my family in your prayers.

What Are You Doing With Yours?  

Posted by Johnny

So of course right on schedule Walgreens issued another $5 off a $20 purchase coupon. I haven't purchased my FAR's yet and this may be what I get with mine, but I am still undecided.
What are you going to get with yours? If you have any great ideas leave them and maybe I will get inspired!

Your 2 Cents  

Posted by Johnny

I have been signed up with Your2Centsfor quite some time now and get several offers to try and qualify for surveys. They pay really well if you get excepted, between $1 and $5 on average. I think this is good compared to most companies that only offer points. Usually I answer the preliminary questions and get booted out of the system and don't qualify.
Finally I have qualified for one. I am very excited about this one because I actually get to test two different products and then submit my online results after testing them out! The best part is I use this item very often and they will pay me $10 for completing this survey!!! Yeah!!

I will come back and blog after the survey is done, as I am not sure if I should give away the product right now.

Wednesdays Shopping Trip - 10/15  

Posted by Johnny

This is my stop at Meijer. Yes, I went to Meijer again! I just couldn't pass up the great deals, plus I found out about some great catalina deals after searching the Internet last night and decided to try them. I also overlooked a couple of deals and after seeing them on other blogs I decided it was worth getting.
So here are some of the "NEW" deals I did today along with some deals I recycled from yesterday: (MM = Meijer Mealbox)

Miracle Whip - 2/$5 - MM $1/2 = $1.50ea
Spaghettios - 6/$3 - .40/2 MQ = .10ea
Jello - .64ea - MM $1.50/2 = 2 FREE
Betty Crocker Bagged Potatoes - .89 - .35/1 MQ = .19ea
Taco Bell Salsa - 1.85 - MM 1.50/1 = .35ea (I use these in stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage, chili, etc.)
Argo Cornstarch - 1.35 - .45/1 MQ = .45
Birds Eye Steam Fresh Veggies - $2.19ea - MM $1/2 + $1/1 Catalina = 1.19ea
(I meant to grab the $1.59 ones to make this a better deal)
Glade Scented Oil Warmer - $4.69 - Use BOGO MQ - Get a $4 OYNO for each one you buy.

I split some of deals and did them twice, like the oil warmers. The first transaction was $15.23 then I used the (2) $4 OYNO on the next transaction and paid $4.50. Bringing the grand total to $19.73. I bought 36 items total and ended up paying .55 per item. I had a savings of $41.23. Plus I also have $8 to spend!
All the items are not listed above but are pictured.

This is what I got at Scott's (AKA: Kroger)

Rain check for Land O Lakes Butter - $1 - .30/1 MQ (they actually tripled this today) = .10ea when you buy two you receive .75 OYNO Catalina(2) Cottonelle - .99ea - .50/1 MQ = FREE + I used a Shortcuts e-coupon so I actually received overage
Chicken Leg Quarters - reduced $4.31
Tropicana O.J. - reduced $2.49 - .75/1 MQ = $1.74
(2) Tennessee Pride Sausage Gravy - $1ea - .55/1 = .45ea

I had (2) .75 OYNO from previous butter purchases. My total was $5.22. (.65/item) I saved $7.63in coupons, not to mention the amount I saved from teh chicken and juice being marked down.

I will probably be over budget this week and will have to cut back somewhere. I know I have to buy coffee at Kroger so I am just hoping the deals are not super awesome the next two weeks! LOL!!

Great Shopping Day 10/14  

Posted by Johnny

I had a great day of savings today! The picture below shows my trip to Walgreens. When I was in there I also had a great chat with the Manager! She was absolutely great! Very coupon friendly! She actually wants me to show her what I do so she can do the same thing. I told her it mostly involves time, but she can do it too by visiting the same sites I do.
Well, on with the great deals I got today. I got all of this in three different transactions and only spent $21.90 OOP!!! (OR .88/item) I saved $77.62!
They were out of the Pert, Zout, & Hellman's(no thanks to my Mom).

I know my husband is getting as bad as I am now, because he was actually not impressed that I spent $21.90, he thought it should have been less! LOL!! But he doesn't do the shopping, he just sees me carry in groceries and as how much I spent, not understanding the real prices of these items.

After stopping at Walgreens I went to Meijer. Wow I really got a lot for my money this week. I truly didn't have the time to take a picture of all of it because I had to cook dinner. But I wanted to highlight a few deals.

First deal, I purchased 2 Select Harvest Soups and received a Catalina for a FREE can of Campbell's Select Harvest Soup. I also received a .75/3 Catalina. I also purchased 4 Tomato soup bowls so that might have also triggered these???

Second deal, I bought Green Giant Steamers on sale 5/$5 and used $1/1 coupons. I bought 5 and received $1 off 1 bag of Birds Eye Steamfresh. Hopefully these will go on sale soon and this will make them free.

I also had a $4/$50 order and used it and then received another one!!!! My total before coupons was $77.62 and then after coupons it was $45.54!! For a total saving of $28.20.
That's it for Catalina's, but thought I would mention what is really cheap this week at Meijer. They are as follows:

JIF Peanut Butter - 2/$4 - use .35/1 MQ doubles = 1.30ea
Eggo Waffles - 3/$5 - use (3).55/1 MQ buy 3 and then also use the Meijer coupon $1/3 = .78ea
Juicy Juice - 4/$9 - use .50/2 MQ buy 2 = 1.30ea
Green Giant Boxed Veggies 5/$5 - use .50/2 MQ = .50ea (Hint: if you don't like the sauce on these like me, buy them and rinse the veggies in cool water before cooking them.)
Hillshire Farms Cheddarwurst or Brats - 1.39 - use .55/1 MQ off Brats or Sausage = .84ea
Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage - 1.39 - buy 2 use $1/2 = .89ea
Orville Redenbacher’s Microwave Popcorn - 1.59 - use .40/1 MQ = .79ea

I hope this helps everyone save a little bit of time and money!

Heads Up For Coffee Drinkers  

Posted by Johnny

Just a heads up for all of you coffee drinkers. Folgers coffee will be on sale for 4.99 (22.6-34.5oz) starting Thursday 10/16. I actually bought one this past week for 6.99 because we were getting low and I didn't see a deal coming that was going to be wonderful. So now I will dig out my coupons and stock up on this deal.

Some other great deals are as follows:
Kroger cheese bars or shreds - 3/$5
Stouffer's Red Box or Lean Cuisine Dinners or Entrees - 6/$10
Quaker Cereals (includes Captain Crunch)- 2/$4
Ragu Pasta Sauce - 1.88
Bunny White Bread - 2/$3
Campbell's Condensed Soup - 10/$10
Shedd's Spread Country Crock - 2/$5
Soft Soap Elements - 10/$10

With the exception of the Kroger cheese all these items have corresponding coupons to make these deals even sweeter!

Being an Informed Voter!  

Posted by Johnny

So I have been really trying to research the candidates so I am informed voter.

To me that means looking into the reasons I will not vote for a particular person. I don't trust the media to tell me the facts, because too many times they are biased or just leave out way to much information to get a real good understanding of what the person was talking about.

So this is the way I am trying to research the candidates. First I went to both of the candidates websites. I downloaded Obama's booklet and started to read it. I wonder how many of his supporters have read this? I know I have family members that are supporters and probably have no idea what this book says. However, I do believe they would back a lot of what he wants for America. Don't get me wrong, most of his ideas sound really good. But the more I kept reading I just could help but wonder where he getting of of this money to do all of these great and wonderful things? Most of these great and wonderful ideas also are directed towards minorities or the poor. I really couldn't tell what he considers Middle Class. Also, he wants the government to control pretty much everything. To me the government is just that, it is suppose to GOVERN. He wants everything to be FAIR! As he goes on and on through this book outlining his plan he states this over and over!
Another scary thing I read was that he "will require all schools of education to be accredited". For someone that home schools that should be pretty scary! To me that means we will not have the choice to home school our own children. To me that is crazy, we have the choice to abort them but after that we have no choice to raise our own children as we see fit after birth!

Okay so then after reading this pamphlet and getting all worked up I decided to go and start looking at the Bills that Obama and Biden have Sponsored or Cosponsored. WOW! That was an eye opener! I haven't really got into a lot yet but I am still reading. If you go check them out make sure you have plenty of time and make sure you read the amendments. This is the web-site. You can search different areas. Also go here, this will give you some active legislation.

Sorry, to be so obvious with my view! LOL! I really just have always been the type of person that you need to prove something to me for me to believe it. I don't like to just believe everything I am told. I go to the source. I have read on other blogs that people say others don't research thier candidate, so that is just what I did. Now these other blogs need to do the same thing. After researching from and unbiased source (notice that I didn't go to McCain's site to research Obama) then if you still stand by your candiadtate then the only person your accountable to is GOD.

Please remember that you need to use the following formula when picking a candidate
God + Prayer + Bible = Guidance.

I Can't Believe I Found Butter  

Posted by Johnny

After two weeks of going into Kroger and them not have the advertised Land O' Lakes Butter they finally had it today. Yeah!!
I intentionally bought coupons for this deal and they never had it in stock. Now I am just hoping that it goes on sale again somewhere soon to use the rest of my coupons.
I hardly ever buy coupons for specific sell, but I couldn't resist this time. With the butter for $1 then to get .30 to .90 off (depending on cashier, my coupons state "do not double"), it was just too good not to pass up. Much to my surprise today I received .75 off my next order for each set of two that I bought! So it was worth it. Plus I got a couple of rainchecks throughout the week to go back and use them.

Our New Kohl's  

Posted by Johnny

So if you haven't made it into the New Kohl's then I would have to tell you "If you've seen one Kohl's then your not really missing much".

So I was in our New Kohl's long before it opened to do a merchandising assignment and got a sneak peek. Then my Mom and I went in last Sunday before the actual Grand Opening to shop. Well, needless to say I was unimpressed! Sorry Mom, I know you're a die hard Kohl's fan! But come on do we really need another place to spend money in this small town?

I was unimpressed due to the fact that there were no Clearance racks so really I can't even shop there yet! Also, I don't have a charge so they don't really aim their wonderful % off sales at me. I really get peeved at stores that will only give you an extra % off if you have their card (yes, I know the reasons), but you would think with the recent trouble the nation is going through they would give discounts to cash customers. Come on really, why do I want to get 15% off now to get charged 15% (or higher) interest if I can't pay my bill off.

So when they did have their Grand Opening I drove by and could not believe how packed the parking lot was. Also this past weekend it has also been pretty busy. Where are people getting this money? Are people all talk when they say they are worried about the economy then run out and buy stuff they can't afford? Their prices are not that good! I do buy some stuff in there I will admit, but usually it ends up I am with Mom and I use her card discount and then I usually only buy it on sale or clearance.

After seeing this I really think the American public is in for a world of hurt in the next coming years. Most people don't know how to hold onto money when they have it and don't know the difference between a "Need" and a "Want".

Just my 2 cents!

New Presidential Candidate  

Posted by Johnny

Go here and watch the video for the New Presidential Candidate! I hope you hop n board with this one!

Finished Chemise and Split Drawers  

Posted by Johnny

Morgan and I finally finished the Chemise and Split Drawers tonight. We wanted to post pictures (and I will) however, we can't find a camera. So as soon as I find a camera or batteries that are charged for the other camera I will post pictures!

So now we will start on the petticoat. I am not truly excited about this, because we have to put all of those lovely cords into it. Yuck!!

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