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Posted by Johnny

So if you haven't made it into the New Kohl's then I would have to tell you "If you've seen one Kohl's then your not really missing much".

So I was in our New Kohl's long before it opened to do a merchandising assignment and got a sneak peek. Then my Mom and I went in last Sunday before the actual Grand Opening to shop. Well, needless to say I was unimpressed! Sorry Mom, I know you're a die hard Kohl's fan! But come on do we really need another place to spend money in this small town?

I was unimpressed due to the fact that there were no Clearance racks so really I can't even shop there yet! Also, I don't have a charge so they don't really aim their wonderful % off sales at me. I really get peeved at stores that will only give you an extra % off if you have their card (yes, I know the reasons), but you would think with the recent trouble the nation is going through they would give discounts to cash customers. Come on really, why do I want to get 15% off now to get charged 15% (or higher) interest if I can't pay my bill off.

So when they did have their Grand Opening I drove by and could not believe how packed the parking lot was. Also this past weekend it has also been pretty busy. Where are people getting this money? Are people all talk when they say they are worried about the economy then run out and buy stuff they can't afford? Their prices are not that good! I do buy some stuff in there I will admit, but usually it ends up I am with Mom and I use her card discount and then I usually only buy it on sale or clearance.

After seeing this I really think the American public is in for a world of hurt in the next coming years. Most people don't know how to hold onto money when they have it and don't know the difference between a "Need" and a "Want".

Just my 2 cents!

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