Being an Informed Voter!  

Posted by Johnny

So I have been really trying to research the candidates so I am informed voter.

To me that means looking into the reasons I will not vote for a particular person. I don't trust the media to tell me the facts, because too many times they are biased or just leave out way to much information to get a real good understanding of what the person was talking about.

So this is the way I am trying to research the candidates. First I went to both of the candidates websites. I downloaded Obama's booklet and started to read it. I wonder how many of his supporters have read this? I know I have family members that are supporters and probably have no idea what this book says. However, I do believe they would back a lot of what he wants for America. Don't get me wrong, most of his ideas sound really good. But the more I kept reading I just could help but wonder where he getting of of this money to do all of these great and wonderful things? Most of these great and wonderful ideas also are directed towards minorities or the poor. I really couldn't tell what he considers Middle Class. Also, he wants the government to control pretty much everything. To me the government is just that, it is suppose to GOVERN. He wants everything to be FAIR! As he goes on and on through this book outlining his plan he states this over and over!
Another scary thing I read was that he "will require all schools of education to be accredited". For someone that home schools that should be pretty scary! To me that means we will not have the choice to home school our own children. To me that is crazy, we have the choice to abort them but after that we have no choice to raise our own children as we see fit after birth!

Okay so then after reading this pamphlet and getting all worked up I decided to go and start looking at the Bills that Obama and Biden have Sponsored or Cosponsored. WOW! That was an eye opener! I haven't really got into a lot yet but I am still reading. If you go check them out make sure you have plenty of time and make sure you read the amendments. This is the web-site. You can search different areas. Also go here, this will give you some active legislation.

Sorry, to be so obvious with my view! LOL! I really just have always been the type of person that you need to prove something to me for me to believe it. I don't like to just believe everything I am told. I go to the source. I have read on other blogs that people say others don't research thier candidate, so that is just what I did. Now these other blogs need to do the same thing. After researching from and unbiased source (notice that I didn't go to McCain's site to research Obama) then if you still stand by your candiadtate then the only person your accountable to is GOD.

Please remember that you need to use the following formula when picking a candidate
God + Prayer + Bible = Guidance.

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He is very scary...especially with how HE thinks that our children should be raised and such. Maybe that is why he views babies as punishment...he thinks the government should tell you how to raise them!

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