I Can't Believe I Found Butter  

Posted by Johnny

After two weeks of going into Kroger and them not have the advertised Land O' Lakes Butter they finally had it today. Yeah!!
I intentionally bought coupons for this deal and they never had it in stock. Now I am just hoping that it goes on sale again somewhere soon to use the rest of my coupons.
I hardly ever buy coupons for specific sell, but I couldn't resist this time. With the butter for $1 then to get .30 to .90 off (depending on cashier, my coupons state "do not double"), it was just too good not to pass up. Much to my surprise today I received .75 off my next order for each set of two that I bought! So it was worth it. Plus I got a couple of rainchecks throughout the week to go back and use them.

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They didn't have them the other day when I went in to get some either. I had $0.50 off 1 coupons...making them free! Oh well, I will probably try ti one in Auburn this week.

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