Wednesdays Shopping Trip - 10/15  

Posted by Johnny

This is my stop at Meijer. Yes, I went to Meijer again! I just couldn't pass up the great deals, plus I found out about some great catalina deals after searching the Internet last night and decided to try them. I also overlooked a couple of deals and after seeing them on other blogs I decided it was worth getting.
So here are some of the "NEW" deals I did today along with some deals I recycled from yesterday: (MM = Meijer Mealbox)

Miracle Whip - 2/$5 - MM $1/2 = $1.50ea
Spaghettios - 6/$3 - .40/2 MQ = .10ea
Jello - .64ea - MM $1.50/2 = 2 FREE
Betty Crocker Bagged Potatoes - .89 - .35/1 MQ = .19ea
Taco Bell Salsa - 1.85 - MM 1.50/1 = .35ea (I use these in stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbage, chili, etc.)
Argo Cornstarch - 1.35 - .45/1 MQ = .45
Birds Eye Steam Fresh Veggies - $2.19ea - MM $1/2 + $1/1 Catalina = 1.19ea
(I meant to grab the $1.59 ones to make this a better deal)
Glade Scented Oil Warmer - $4.69 - Use BOGO MQ - Get a $4 OYNO for each one you buy.

I split some of deals and did them twice, like the oil warmers. The first transaction was $15.23 then I used the (2) $4 OYNO on the next transaction and paid $4.50. Bringing the grand total to $19.73. I bought 36 items total and ended up paying .55 per item. I had a savings of $41.23. Plus I also have $8 to spend!
All the items are not listed above but are pictured.

This is what I got at Scott's (AKA: Kroger)

Rain check for Land O Lakes Butter - $1 - .30/1 MQ (they actually tripled this today) = .10ea when you buy two you receive .75 OYNO Catalina(2) Cottonelle - .99ea - .50/1 MQ = FREE + I used a Shortcuts e-coupon so I actually received overage
Chicken Leg Quarters - reduced $4.31
Tropicana O.J. - reduced $2.49 - .75/1 MQ = $1.74
(2) Tennessee Pride Sausage Gravy - $1ea - .55/1 = .45ea

I had (2) .75 OYNO from previous butter purchases. My total was $5.22. (.65/item) I saved $7.63in coupons, not to mention the amount I saved from teh chicken and juice being marked down.

I will probably be over budget this week and will have to cut back somewhere. I know I have to buy coffee at Kroger so I am just hoping the deals are not super awesome the next two weeks! LOL!!

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I must have just missed you! I went to both stores too last night.

I had to get a rain check on the Campbell's tomato soup though. Which I never thought about doing before...I should have on the Land O lakes too. I have two $0.50/1 Q's that I wanted to use on that deal, but oh well.

I have to go back to Meijer for more Steamers though and I am going to Shipshe tomorrow. Let me know if you want to go!

I would love to go with you. Call me or e-mail me with the time you are leaving.Maybe I could meet you at my Moms. She is right on 20.

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