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Posted by Johnny

I am posting a Walgreen's Scenario today because that is what I am focusing on this week. CVS doesn't have a lot that I am going to get so most of my energy is getting focused on Walgreen's. I have already made on trip and I will list that as #1. I am not sure how much stock they have so I may not be able to keep rolling these Register Rewards this week. Anyway this is the plan for this week.

9 Pro-Health Toothpaste @ 2/$5 = $22.50
1 Zantac @ $3.99
1 Oral-B Toothbrush @ $4.49
1 Newspaper @ $1.75
Total before Q's = 37.73 (no taxes figured)

- (1) $3/2 pro health (from home mailer)
- (6) $1/1 pro health (from old inserts, but there are new coupons out)
- (1) $1/1 Zantac
- (1) $1/1 Oral-B Toothbrush
- ESR Q from the monthly ESR book $3/2 total off equals $13.50
My Out of Pocket (OOP) was $10.40
I paid for that with my Gift Card.

This is the Best part...I received 2-$10RR (from the crest) & 1-$3RR (from the Zantac) I will also do the rebate on the toothbrush for $4.49.
If you just do the toothpaste deal you will get the $20RR.

1 Venus Embrace @ $9.99 - MQ $4/1
1 Zantac @ 3.99 - MQ $1/1
1 Jif Peanut butter $1.67
Total 10.64 w/o taxes Pay with $10 RR My OOP should be $1.27
Earn 6 & 3 RR's lost $1 in RR

This may change after I see what they have in stock, and depending on what coupons they let me use.
3 Covergirl (eyeshadow) @ 3.99 = 11.97
3 Covergirl 50% off @1.99 = 5.99
Total $17.96
- 7.50 3x $2.50/2 (Covergirl Q this past weeks insert)
-$6 & $3 RR's from #2 = $1.46 + tax
Should receive $20 in RR's (10+10) because the registers take the %50 off at the end and it thinks you bought 9. If not I will still get $10 for sure which gains me the $1 back.

Then I plan on repeating #2 and then trying to do the Olay face wash like I did the CG makeup. I still have to put together q's for this to make sure I have little OOP. This should give me plenty of RR's for the next two weeks deals!! I haven't been able to see them yet and I feeling a little anxious.

I hope this helps someone. **Just remember at Walgreen's you can not
use a RR on the same deal or you will not get a RR back for what you are buying. Just make sure that the items are different promotions and you will be fine.

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