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Okay I have been frustrated about this for several months now and I would like to get some feedback form my readers.
What is you overall satisfaction with the new Ultra Concentrated Detergents?
I ask this because when I saw that they were slowly taking away the larger bottles I freaked out. I noticed the larger bottles not only had more (duh) but the load sizes were larger. I normally buy the Arm & Hammer 100oz size anywhere between 2.97-3.97 for the bottles. This size is only suppose to do 32 loads as is the new concentrated liquid. So I decided to test this theory out.
I did not count my loads, however I marked on the cap when I started using it. The 100 oz size lasted me 41 days. Then I bought the concentrated 32 load size, I believe it's 50 oz. The first thing I noticed was that the fine print states this is 32 medium loads. (I usually don't do small or medium loads.) This bottle only lasted me 26 days.
This just totally aggravates me that they tell us they are making the bottles smaller for the environment. I don't argue with that, but I do argue with the fact that I am not getting the same amount of product for my money. I think this is a way to take more money from us and we don't see the price increase, we just have to buy these products more often.
BTW- If you use Arm & Hammer here is a link to get some coupons.

You can also notice this same idea if you have older recipes. The recipe may call for an odd size of bag or box, because that is the way the product use to be packaged. Examples of this are soup, chocolate chips, & marshmallows.

Sorry Mom you've already heard this spill.

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I have a wonderful recipe for making your own for a fraction of the cost. It doesn't suds up like the commercially made, but gets rid of the nasty chemicals and last forever. Let me know if you want it. BTW, if you have time to grate up a bar of soap, you can make this it is SUPER easy.

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Sorry, about the deleted post...

Christy, is this the recipe that calls for Fels-Naptha soap? I have seen this before and was not sure how good it was on stains. How good is it on grass and oil stains?

I do the powdered version and use the Zote or Fels Naptha soaps and it works wonderful on oil/grease stains and about like the commercially made ones on grass stains. I love it and all the ingredients are available locally.


Can I get the recipe?


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