Once a Month Coooking  

Posted by Johnny

Have you heard of Once a Month Cooking? It is when you set one day aside and cook all your meals for the month and put them in the freezer. Some meals are fairly easy such as spaghetti. This particular meal would only require you to cook the sauce then freeze it. If you like meatballs then you would have to cook those also and add them and then freeze. This style of cooking helps you save money and helps you to eat healthy. If you know you have something in the freezer then you will not eat out or cook something from a box.
Well, I have been wanting to do Once a month cooking(OAMC) for awhile now. I heard about it several years ago and then forgot about it. Then last year in the fall the subject came up again. I was in the van and I was listening to WBCL and on their mid-morning show they had some ladies that wrote a cookbook specifically dedicated to OAMC. I went straight out and bought the book. I was so inspired again to start this. I cooked several meals out of the cookbook to start taste testing them. Almost all of the meals I cooked the family loved. Then I started researching freezer meals and came across another book entitled 30-Day Gourmet. I found the book along with the computer program for half of the cost on e-bay and was so excited. The program is absolutely awesome, even if you don't want to cook for a month then it's still a great investment. It allows you to add recipes of your own and multiply them by the amount of portions you want. It also comes with a lot of recipes from the book right on the CD.
Now to the problem...even though I really, really want to do this,(I am only wanting to cook for two weeks at a time) I have not been able to figure out how to do this and still remain shopping for deals all the while staying in budget. A lot of times I cook based upon what is on sale. However, we are getting very busy again with softball and 4-H that it seems we our eating is not as good as it was in the fall and winter months. My family is not the type of family that likes to eat the same thing every week or faot that matter every other week. The only thing my DH will eat every week is hamburgers or pizza. Other than that he really likes to have a few weeks in between his meatloaves.
I would love to hear form you if you do OAMC or if you also have wanted to start. Or if you just have some suggestions I would like to hear those too.

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I thought about that too, but my family is so picky that it would probably be a waste of time. I am slowly getting them to eat more foods. Aleksei ate pork chops tonight! Sounds funny I know, but with her GERD, she has always had a hard time with meat. So at the age of 5, she eats her first bite of pork chop.

I would be will to try with you though.

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