Mother's Day  

Posted by Johnny

Okay so Mother's Day is fast approaching...I have already got my Mom a Mother's Day gift. Have you? Well, I can't really say what I got, because my Mom does actually read my blog! Love you Mom!
Well, my thoughtful daughter kept asking me, "Mom what do you want for Mother's Day?" If you are anything like me you really don't want to send hubby and the kids off to spend XX amount of dollars on something you really don't need or want. So at first I told her something simple. I usually end up saying, "Buy me some flowers to plant, that way I can look at them every year, year after year."
Then the other day it struck me as I was slipping on my daughters shoes,(yes we can wear the same shoes) I would really like some Crocs. Personally I don't love these shoes, but they are so nice to slip on and off when I take out the dogs. I am not a flip-flop person(don't like the thing between my toes) and I have been unable to find a good slip on shoe in years. After Mother's Day I will let you know if I actually received my wish.
What are you buying for Mother's Day or what would you like to receive?

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We are spending so much just to get ready for the chickens and goats that I have asked not to get anything. Normally I like to do something for the kids on that day. Last year, we took them up for a train ride in Coldwater (but it was closed). I think Steve said something about stopping at McD's for a M&M Flurry thing and let the kids play (I'm sure).

Talk about wearing the same shoes, Aidan and I wear the same size too. But he is only 7! I am so not ready for them to grow up.

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