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I have been so busy, I have not had tome to blog. My kids are having a Piano Recital tonight and I decided Friday that the dress I had started sewing for my daughter she could wear tonight. Well, the good thing was it made me sew it, the bad thing is that it made me sew it!
Some of you may sew and if you do you may be able to give me some advice...for next time. I have sewn off and on for years, but I really never sew enough to keep my feet wet.
To start things off I cut the dress as a size 6 because patterns are suppose to be bigger than your normal size, going from my experience in the past. My daughter is also starting to sew for 4-H and I was showing her how to take the measurements for her dress. That is when I discovered that the dress I was sewing would more than likely not fit her. I decided to baste the bodice together anyway. Without any luck it did not fit. Finally from trial and error I took out the back pleats and made all the seams 1/4". That did work! However, then I had problems making the skirt and the lining fit properly. It also has a zipper that was suppose to be a hidden zipper, it is not hidden, because I didn't have any extra fabric to work with. All and all it turned out okay, but I spent most of Friday and some of Saturday sewing it. In the pictures posted I do not have the hem in it yet that is today's "quick" (crossing fingers) project.
This project was actually still pretty easy if it would have been cut right to begin with. It has inspired me to sew another dress or two. I have already bought the pattern and will be scouting for inexpensive fabric. I usually don't like to pay over $3/yd, that way is still worth me sewing it.
Yesterday was of course Mother's Day and we ran around most of the day. It was rainy here but it still turned out to be a great day! I did get my Crocs, not the best color, but that is all they had in my size. I thought about exchanging them, I know the store would order some in my size and color, but I really didn't want to wait to wear them, so I will be appreciative of what I received.

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