Long Day  

Posted by Johnny

So today I had to take my brother to the doctor in Ft.Wayne. Not exactly my fun part of the day, for those of you who know me know that I really enjoy my sleep (unless I am shopping) and I had to be up at 6:00am to get him there on time. However, I am a softy for my family and especially my big brother. After his appointment he decided while we were in Ft. Wayne we could do some other things as well, such as going to the RV and Camping Show. Well, the show did not start until Noon so we had time to kill. So we went to the mall and looked around Borders. If you have a Borders nearby you should stop in they had a lot of Winter items marked at $2. Some of it was Christmas, but a lot of the books were miscellaneous odds and ends really.
After the mall we headed over to The Olive Garden and met my hubby for lunch, I had the Soup & Salad and chose the Gnocchi Soup, which in my opinion is the best. After lunch the Show was open and we headed over to the Coliseum.
At the show we looked at every RV they had and had a lot of fun dreaming! Then around 2:30 we headed out. We stopped in Auburn to update his Centennial phone, this is when I excused myself and made a run to CVS.
While I was there I found Gillette Shavers and the Shampoo!! I was so excited because the store I usually go to was out of Gillette Shampoo by Monday and had no clue about the razors. So I bought 2 Gillette Razors, 2 Venus Razors and 5 Gillette Shampoos.
I then went back to Centennial and picked up my brother. Then we stopped by Wal-Mart. While I was there I got 2 Glade Flameless Candle Holders for .28. They were marked down to $2 and I had 2 more $2 Q's form the boxes of the last ones I bought at Walgreens. They do not have candles in them and have snowflakes on the boxes so I think they were considered Christmas items.
After leaving I took him home and headed home. When I arrived home I remembered I told Morgan I would take her to Jo-Anns to pick out a pattern for her 4-H project. I also needed to get her to Basketball practice by 6:00 and it was 4:30! So we jumped in the Van got into town and got her pattern. Well, me being who I am...I had to check our CVS to see if we had our Shavers out. Of course they were not! I asked the manager about them and she said I will go look in the back and she came back out with one box of 9. I told her I had seen them earlier and the other store had a whole endcap of them. At this point I was very happy I made that run to CVS in Auburn. I did get one more but was very disappointed, because I had 3 more q's for them. Oh well, I didn't want to be selfish, so I only took one.
I then mad a dash out and took Morgan to practice then ran home and cooked dinner! Something easy, Spaghetti, and luckily John was home to help. After eating I went back to pick her up.
Well, that was a very jam packed day! I loved spending time with my brother since we never have time together. With him being sick I cherish our time together even more!

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Hope he is feeling better now.

I know what you mean about CVS...I always stop either at Leo or Auburn...so much nicer!

Carey is not good. He is off work on a LOA. They can not do surgery right now until he loses more weight. Prayers are needed for him and his family.

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