Whatever Happened to 2008?  

Posted by Johnny

Wow time really does fly the older you get! Not that I am really that old, but it just seems to go by way too quick!

John, the kids and I went to PA to visit his brothers family for the Holidays. It turned out to be a decent vacation. Going away to yet another cold place during winter is not always exciting, because your cooped up inside and there is really nothing to do. However my mother-in-law did come up from SC and her and I always play Skipbo, which is always fun. I can't sit and watch movie after movie like the rest of the family so it's nice to have someone to play a game with.

To top off the boredom there was no CVS and the closest Walgreens was 40 minutes away! So I was very happy to get back to get to deal shopping. The positive was I could get the Pittsburgh very easily then this past Sunday we were in Cleveland,OH and the Cleveland Paper was only $1.19, so I felt pretty good about that. Also while in Cleveland I discovered a really neat store called "Drug Mart", but don't be deceived by the name this store is like a mini Wal-Mart. Some of the prices were really good, I ended up getting a laser pointer for my son for only $1.50! He's been driving me nuts for one for 8 years!! LOL!

Well, we are safely home now and getting back into our routine, I went out yesterday shopping, but still need to finish cutting the coupons from this past weeks papers.

John's Mom and Dad with all but one of the Grandkids.

(I just discovered the date reads the day first then the month)

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