Just One Reason I Hate Indiana  

Posted by Johnny

Some people may think this is a positive, however I don't! So far we have had 7 1/2 inches and it is still snowing! (Mom I bet you're glad you're in Myrtle Beach!)
Unfortunately I am stuck inside because my DH and son went to a Boy Scout camp out. Yes, to a Boy Scout CAMP OUT. My husband said "no" to the camp out, and just went for the day, but my son was dying to go. All of his years in Boy Scouts and he has never stayed at the Klondike. In years past there was no snow, so he felt like it was worth going. Just one of the few reasons men and women are different. LOL!!
I know the snow is beautiful and for the people with snow mobiles it is great fun, but for me it means nothing but pain. Every time it snows it causes my fibromyalgia to flair up, so I really could care less for the snow.

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I don't like it either...that just means my honey has to go plow!

*Raising my hand* I'm with you too. Booooo to snow!


IF it makes you feel any better it's going to be in the 40 here today. Mom (1-14-09)


Just move to Texas...

Hey Connie...can I come down? We are freezing here!

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