Yes, I like to torture myself!  

Posted by Johnny

About this time every year I think to myself, "You are so stupid...why do you let your kids talk you into such things?"
I am talking about 4-H. I really think I am more stressed out than the kids are. Okay it's June 25th and Spencer has still not finished his pants. My goal was for him to be done by this weekend. He was almost done, then we had to redo most of the work because they were just not going to fit at all. Even though I knew it would take forever to rip out the seams I just didn't see any other way. He took 3 hours just to rip 3 seams out! I really felt like grabbing the pants and doing it myself. Well, today we did make some progress, but it seems to take him so much longer than it should simply because he is so careless. He will be leaving in 17 days. He actually is going to be out of town for the judging, but will be back in time to escort his friend out on stage in her Civil War dress she is making. He also has to complete a model of a car before he leaves. He actually almost forgot that he had signed up for the model until we looked back over his paperwork.

On the positive side, Morgan has finished her dress and is 1/2 way through her jacket. I hope to have this finished by tomorrow, because she has six other projects to complete. She is actually almost done with her craft project too. We ordered the frame on Friday, and I am hoping it will be here within the next week. When she is finished I will post pictures. I will also post Spencer's as he finishes.

I will have to re-read this post next year to remind myself of the pain I put myself through by not having the energy to tell the kids "NO".

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