Am I going "MAD"?  

Posted by Johnny

Knowing that the papers had the P&G coupons this week I wanted to get up early and get the Detroit Free Press this week at Meijer. I had decided to get up at 6am and get to the store and buy my papers before they were gone. Last month I think I made it in at 7:30am and had to run everywhere for the DFP. Then I only ended up with one and had to buy other papers that did not have the same coupons in them. I was so disappointed that I had decided that I did not want that to happen this month.
I actually woke up at 5:30am (extremely early for me as I never wake up this early unless it is for shopping or a hospital visit). I made it to the store at 5:56am. Went and picked up one local paper and started asking the cashier about the DFP. She told me it was running late here lately and sometimes it didn't make it until 7:30am. Well, I decided to do what any other crazy person would do and wait in my car until the papers got there. I was already up and I had came all the way in town to get these stupid papers, and I did just buy a paper so I had reading material.
I waited until 6:50am and finally the delivery guy pulled up. Yeah, I was so excited I jumped out and started talking with him as he got the papers out of his car. As I chatted with him we walked in and to my surprise all these people were just standing there waiting for him to put the papers out. Well, even though I did feel a little comforted by the fact I was not the only person waiting for the paper, I thought can I really be this desperate for coupons that I will wait for the paper guy to deliver and then fight my way through the crowd for my papers?

Unfortunately, my answer is YES. I was very happy I waited for them, because after everyone that was standing there took their papers, only 2 were left!

As I have mentioned before I buy an average of five papers a week, and I have found that the papers pay for themselves. It also gives me extra coupons to trade with others. I have really started to love trading coupons. As I mentioned in an earlier post I would love to start a "Coupon Train" for those of you interested. A coupon train is just simply a way to trade coupons with a bunch of other people. I would like at least 10 people to ride the train so please leave a comment or e-mail me if you're interested.

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Hey thanks for stopping by my blog!! I am new to this couponing thing!!The Fur Fighter at my target was 9.99! There is a 4.00 off manufacture coupon and also Target has a 4.00 off on thier online coupons. Since the target one is not a manufacture coupon, you can use both of them together making it only 1.99!! It is DEFINETLY worth that! I have three dogs and a cat so I am a pretty good review on the fur fighter ha! As far as the Viactive chews, I got them at CVS and they were pratically free. I do not plan on using them myself but plan on donating them. If you are interested maybe we can work something out! But if you have a CVS anywhere near you...that is the place to go!!!

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