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We are still plugging away at the 4-H projects. I think I will definitely need a vacation when this year is over!
My goal of Spencer having his pants done will not happen. So, I will shoot for tomorrow. Without thinking (I do this a lot) I let him go to a friends house after the 4-H car wash today. I think he was relieved because he was so sick of sewing and might I add ripping seams out that he wanted to run and hide. Morgan will get her dress done tonight and will start her jacket.
Along with 4-H projects we will also be working on making my cousins Wedding Cake. We are planning for 125-150 people. I think we have worked it out to 2 sets of 3 small tiers with a set of stairs in between and then a fountain under this. I will definitely post pictures of this, because this will be the first fondant cake (not counting the one in cake class) John has ever made.
I am also helping with the food. I decided to go with Lasagna. This sounds expensive at first, then we bought the spaghetti sauce for .50ea and the noodles for .67ea. So it's worked out that each pan will cost approximately $20 and feed 35-45 people. This is super cheap and still very nice for a Wedding Dinner.
Along with all of this we still have softball practice and a game. Oh yeah, and I will be working Wednesday-Friday!
To add to all this chaos my brother-in-law from South Carolina called and said he might leave on Friday to come up for a visit. We knew he was going to come, this is just earlier than we expected.

(This is just for you Logan. Even though I know it is still not very exciting.)

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When you told me that John was making the cake...I just thought that John was making a cake. I didn't know that he took decorating classes! I will definitely be calling for cakes now! Can he do gluten free...if I give him a recipe?

Yes, he does cakes. But he has not done very many lately. He use to do them for the preschool graduations in South Bend. He also did my brotehr Paul's wedding cake. I don't think he is the BEST, but I have seen much worse cakes done by so called professionals.
I think he could doa GF cake if he had a recipe. Were you thinking for Birthday's?

Yeah just for birthdays...Aleksei wants a princess cake for her birthday like one that we seen in a magazine. I believe it is fondant too.

Does fondant have gluten? He has done a princess cake that has a barbie in the middle of it, but it was not made with fondant. The wedding cake we are doing this week end is with fondant. Personally I think fondant taste disgusting! Just my opinion.

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