I Hate Softball!  

Posted by Johnny

Well, I guess HATE is a strong word, but after the game on Wednesday I am starting to think our team will never win. We have one last regular season game this Tuesday. Then we will have at least one more game which is our tournament game. I would love to win one game! This year the season has been so hard. This is John's first year to coach and it is much harder than it looks. I try my best to help, but I am not really that much help. I throw like a girl!
So right now we are 0 - 13 or something like that. We really do have a decent team. All of the girls on our team are so great! I really do enjoy having all of them on the team. I just wish they had a little more drive in them. You know like "The Eye of The Tiger". I guess we (the parents) can want it but they really have to want it or we will end the season with no wins.

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