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Before I startPLEASE do not become offended, just read with an open mind. This is how I "try" to approach everything. Sometimes we think we are approaching things with an open mind, however we have such strong opinions on a subject that we can't see the other side.
Okay with that being said, I have a friend that will only use the KJV. This may be what you use also. I never really understood the reasons behind only using this version. One day we started discussing this topic and she told me her reason had to do with copyright issues. I had never heard that before so to me this was all new. She told me she researched how you get a copyright and she said that the new versions NIV, NAS etc., all had to change a lot of the meaning to get a copyright. Well, I had never researched copyright laws and knew nothing about copyrighting a book. Unfortunately I never looked into the matter even though it had always kind of bothered me. Well, the subject came up again. Still not understanding fully copyrights or how publishing works I had no response. This time was different though, I decided to talk with my husband about it and also research it for myself.

What I came up with has surprised me to say the least. What surprised me was that my friend is not the only one that believes in the copyright issue. What I discovered first was that my KJV bible does have a copyright. Maybe yours does not but mine does. I have several different versions of Bibles simply for studying. Also, I discovered that the first KJV Bible was copyrighted. "Cum Privilegio," Latin words which literally mean "with privilege" or "right" — that is, with the right of reproduction retained, or, in a word, "copyrighted." To read more on this go here.
The other thing I found out is that my friends understanding of copyright laws have been distorted. I am not sure who told her or where she read up on her laws, but they were not accurate at all. I advise anyone wanting to know more to go here and read more about why they copyright Bibles.
That all being said, I will say it is a choice of what you prefer. It is not wrong to use another Bible. However, be careful when choosing a Bible. It should not be backed by one church only, and wrote only for that particular church. Remember the original Bible was wrote for everyone. There are several Bibles out there that have footnotes in them, and we must remember that those footnotes are opinions. The study Bibles are helpful, but always crosreference with other Bibles to get a better understanding of what you are reading. Words change meaning over time and to do a word study is sometimes helpful also. I love to go and find out what the original Greek or Hebrew word meant.
Some questions I have thought to myself when thinking of excluding other Bibles, were #1 What about the first English translated Bible, there were many other Bibles wrote before the KJV? Here is a timeline. #2 Doesn't this make the KJV a translation also?
I ask that we all pray on this subject and pray that it doesn't keep us form doing the Lord's work. Please approach everything with prayer and an open heart allowing the spirit to guide you so you can grow and reach more lost souls.

If you have any comments please feel free to leave them

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Sorry I made a typo on that one and did not notice it until it posted.

We use the NKJV primarily, but also have the NIV too. I like the NKJV because it is "easier" to read than the KJV. I used to read the NIV, but then started noticing some things that were interpreted a little weird. I do stay away from the TNIV and The Message, but that is just because I do not like their casual approaches.

I do agree with you on the NIV and some of the mistranslations. However, that is why I suggest using ohter Bibles to study with. I believe the NAS is the best for translating the best. Funny thing is I only have this version on my computer.


I use the King James Version. I just think its the closest version. When one translates from the original and then someone translates from the copy and so forth - I believe more meaning gets lost. But my main reason for using the King James Version is because it is harder. It makes me slow down, research, and ponder. That's just my preference.

Wow Kayla, this is a post from forever ago...glad to see you found it...lol.
I actually just bought a new Bible when we were in PA for the Holidays. I am so happy, it is a NAS, which I have heard is the best translation. But what I like the most is it also has some literal translations in the footnotes which is also a plus in my book!
I beleive that the King James was a good idea at teh time, but need to remeber it was written after other Bibles, like the Geneva Bible. It was not the first to be translated.

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