Cedar Point  

Posted by Johnny

May 27th the kids, my Mom and I are all going to Cedar Point. I love this place! We will be going along with some other families in the home school group. It's been two years since I last went. I love to ride the roller coasters, however I can't ride as many as I use too. It seems the older I get the harder it is to recover form the rides. The kids are excited because we haven't had very many breaks this school year so they will be able to count this as a field trip! YEAH!! We won't be doing much more this summer so I will make sure to enjoy myself.
After we get back I will be sure to post some pictures.
What are you doing this spring/summer?

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We haven't been in forever, probably since we got married! Dad asked if I wanted to go to Colorado this summer to visit my Grandpa, but I would have to leave the kids home with Steve. Obviously that is not happening, I haven't spent a night away from Aleksei and only one away from Aidan (when I was having Aleksei). I am just a little weird that way.

I don't think that I could do the roller coasters anymore! I about got sick at the Auburn fair last year. Aidan is a dare-devil and wants to ride everything. Luckily, he is big enough to do it too.

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