The Nestle Feel Great Instant Rebate @ Kroger  

Posted by Johnny

For those of you who did not see this in yesterdays inserts I thought I would make sure to post this so you don't miss out on this great deal.
Buy $20 worth of Nestle products and receive $5 instantly on your purchase @ Kroger. This offer is valid from 8/17 - 8/27. This could end up being a really good deal if you match up the items with your coupons and if they run any sales then it could be even better.
These are some of the products that are included in the deal:
100 Grand
Baby Ruth
Beggin Strips
Cat Chow
Coffe Mate :)
Ice Mountain
Fancy Feast
Good Start
Haagen Dazs
Hot Pockets
Juicy Juice

There are many more so just look for the special yellow tags on the shelf to see if they are participating products.

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Thank you so much for all of the Box Tops. I wasn't expecting you to send so many. Since there is just two of us, it takes forever for us to collect them. Kody's school has a humungous field trip for those that collect 300. Last year, everyone was helping us including his teacher and aides. Only 3 students went on the field trip. They went to Dallas. They went to the wax museum and to a restaurant where the waiters dress up as movie characters. Kody had his picture taken shooting Jack Sparrow. He had a blast. This summer we already have over 100 Box Tops. When we went to Houston, I cut them out of my dad's and aunt's groceries. My dad has boxes, icing, and kleenex's with a square hole cut out! Smiles!

You didn't have to send me any stamps. I've been trying to remember to steal my grandmother's Sunday paper for you. She doesn't do coupons. I like looking at them. I usually cut them out but they never make it to the store with me. And if they do the store brand ends up being cheaper than the coupon. We only have a Walmart, Brookshire's and HEB up here. We live in the middle of nowhere. The nearest big town is an hour away. So, we usually buy Great Value Brand of everything. I forgot to get her paper last Sunday. I will try to remember this Sunday!

Thanks again for the Box Tops!

Not a problem, we get the box tops a lot! But like I said I usually give them to the home school group.
I thought if you were going to send me coupons I could at least send some postage! LOL!!

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