Mega Box Tops  

Posted by Johnny

I finally made it in to Meijer this week and picked up some decent deals. I was pretty excited with the total of box tops I received in the end. (Look below for the breakdown) As I mentioned before the area home school group does save these and is trying to get enough money to buy basketball uniforms. The older team has nice uniforms but the younger team has some sad looking t-shirts. So they will be going to great use. If you do not belong to the home school group (Christy) you can save them and then send them to me if you want and I will pass them on to the appropriate person.

On another note I just want to vent my frustration with Kroger. This is the second time I have been in there on a Wednesday afternoon and they have already taken their sales tags off the shelves and to top it off I did not have an ad to see what was on sale. I went up to get one from the front and they were out of them. I was so mad I just bought some cheese 2/$3 and some yogurt that was on clearance. DO they expect people to remember what's on sale or do they just not care. I kind of get the feeling they don't want people buying the sale items. The last time this happened it was with the Mega Event and it just happened to be that the items that were FREE after coupons were not signed correctly with sale prices! However, they had ads up front then. Okay just needed to vent. Look below for my shopping trip at Meijer.

This is what I did for the Box Top deal:
(2) Pop Secret Popcorn BOGO = 2.79 -.40 doubled = 1.99
(2) BC Cookie Mix @ 1.67ea = 3.34 -.50/2 doubled = 2.34
(6) Hamburger Helper Meals clearanced @ 1.04ea = 6.24 -.75/3 x 2 = 4.74
(1) Kleenex 3pk @ 3.79 – 1.00 = 2.79
(2) BC Warm Delights @ 1.50 = 3.00 -.50/1 doubled = 1.00
(3) GM Cereal @ 3/$5 = 5.00 -1.50/3 = 3.50 (WOW 1.16/box)

Grand Total = $16.36

Grand Total Box Tops earned was 16 (normal box tops on products) + 16 (bonus box tops on some products like the Kleenex) + 120 (From Meijer) = 152 :-)

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I went with 2 Warm Delights, 4 Cookies, 2 Suddenly Salads, 2 Frostings, 2 Cheerios and 3 Fruit Snacks.

Total was $9.70 I think. Of course the catalina didn't print out but eventually I got it via CS

Sounds like you did great!


I don't know about in Indiana but down here in Texas, we've had 4 Box Tops on the 9.6 oz General Mills Cereals and Betty Crocker Brownies. Cottonnelle 4 roll pack of toilet paper had 2 Box Tops. In the past two weeks, I've collected about 30 Box Tops.

WOOHOO!!! I love extra boxtops and for you that really helps!!!

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