Mealbox Coupons Updated  

Posted by Johnny

Finally after a very long time Meijer has updated their mealbox coupons!
I have not had a chance to really compare them to this weeks ad, but there are a lot of new ones that are very different form the previous ones.
They did however keep a few of thier old standbys like thier pasta sauce and fresh mushrooms. I hope they keep this up. I guess time will tell.

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I noticed this too. Did you also notice that they changed the wording on the coupons to one per TRANSACTION not purchase. Bummer. :( Did you see any good deals this week??

I did notice this...also they have changed it so it states not to be combined with any other discount coupons. So no I do not see any deals for this week using the mealbox, beside the fresh mushrooms (.50after mb q) and the Spaghetti sauce (.50 after mb q).

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