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I am the type of person that reads about 4-5 books at one time and in between books I have been reading Heloise From A-Z, (AKA: Hints From Heloise). It is chocked full of simple ways to do household task. Some of these ideas I have been implementing for several years, however some ideas are new to me.
I thought I would start sharing some of these great ideas with my readers. I will be starting with the letter A.

Todays hint:
Ants, Extermination: Sprinkle boric acid or Borax powder along the ant trails and entrances. Keep crumbs vacuumed and any other "ant" treats wiped up so you don't attract more.

Ants, In and Outside Pet Feeding Dish: Make a moat! Partially fill a shallow dish with water and place the pet's food dish in the center of eat.

I thought both of these would be great for today since we are starting to get into the warmer months and that is typically when we start seeing the little critters in the house more. At least here in the north.
I suggest buying the book or simply write these tips on 5x7 index cards and make a reference library of your own.

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