Yummy Homemade Egg Rolls!!  

Posted by Johnny

I have never made homemade egg rolls, but when I saw the eggs roll wrappers at Scott's this week for .99 I thought I would give them a try. We ate Stir fry with these and it was a very good meal!!!
This is what I did to make them.

First I shredded 1/2 a head of cabbage and 1/2 a bag of mini carrots. If you don't have a food processor you can chop this up really fine.
Then I added 1/2 bag of bean spouts to the above mix along with 2 tsp ginger and then I threw in some dried onion, approx. 2 Tbs.

Next I cooked the chicken (you can use pork or shrimp) in the wok. At this point I used 3 chicken breast cut up in about 1 inch squares. We cook our meat with honey, stir fry sauce, and soy sauce. After the meat is cooked most of the way, take enough out for your egg rolls use the rest in your stir fry. You shouldn't need more than one breast of chicken for this mix. Cut this chicken up in small pieces and then mix it into the cabbage mix.

Then fill the center of your egg wraps with the mix. Not too full or they rip (like I did with some of mine, they still fry okay). It shows on the back of the package of egg rolls how to wrap them up.

Now your ready to deep fry them. We have a fry daddy and I set mine just under 375.

If you are making stir fry with this you can use all the extra veggies in it. Add them after you take out your meat for you eggs rolls then by the time you have filled the rolls and cooked some of them your stir fry should be done.
Timing on things like this is hard to estimate, so if you add your veggies to your stir fry (if they are fresh) then it should work out right.

I did not fry all of mine before dinner. I fried just enough for dinner then fried the rest. I put them in the freezer for lunches. If you do this put them in the refrigerator while your eating. I noticed the longer they sat out the more they puffed up when they were fried.

HINT: Have several paper towels ready to drain off the oil. It gets in the little crevices. As you can see in my pictures they release a lot of oil sitting there.

Coupon For The New 100 Calorie Packs From Hostess  

Posted by Johnny

I thought I would share a coupon I received from Hostess. Try their NEW 100 Calorie Twinkie Bites or 100 Calorie Strawberry Cupcakes. Don't forget while you're there to sign up to receive e-mails and you'll never miss out on their promotions!

I Love The Kroger MEGA Events!!  

Posted by Johnny

This weeks Kroger MEGA Event is by far the best that I have been able to participate in!!
I made two trips. The first trip cost me a mere $13.38,however me being the way I am, I was asking myself how I spent so much! Then I figured out that I grabbed the wrong dial which in turn threw my 30 items down to 28 so I didn't qualify for the additional $5 off my order. I decided to keep them, because I am not sure how I would return them and get the correct amount back. Also I discovered that at my Kroger they are really starting to read every coupon and will not double if it states DO NOT DOUBLE right on the coupon. I use to get them doubled every time but they are really cracking down.
So the next order I really checked my coupons and items and I got 20 items along with one loaf of bread one package of buns and some reduce egg beaters. My grand total was $1.74!!
I loved the look on the guys face that was bagging my groceries. He looked at the cart then looked back at the screen like the cashier messed up!! LOL!!! TOO FUNNY!

So I got all these groceries for a wapping $15.12!!
Making 54 items $.28 each!!

Great Finds Posted A Tad Late  

Posted by Johnny

Fair Warning the first picture does not have all the items in it. I wasn't going to post, but then my Mom asked me what all I got and decided to post pictures. I took a trip to the Sturgis K-Mart on Friday to take advantage of their double coupons up to $2. I will not go through each item, however I only paid $18.30 (or .57/item)for all of this plus 3 bags of The GoodLife Cat Food, and 2 more bags of Dog Treats.

This picture shows Saturdays shopping trip to Meijer. I ended up doing three transactions so I could use a $4 catalina (from the glade deal)on each. I spent a total of $3.47 (.22/item) + I received a .75 OYNO catalina from the Land O' Lakes Butter.
I know it's hard to tell from the picture, however there are 6 pudding boxes and 6 Velveeta Shells and Cheese.

Welcome The Newest Member of The Family!!  

Posted by Johnny

My nephew and his wife had thier first daughter (second child) Thursday morning @ 11:18am. She weighed 6lbs 14oz and was 19" long, her name is Madilyn Belle (not sure of the spelling yet). Congradulations Anthony, she is very beautiful!

No Coal Mines For Obama  

Posted by Johnny

Come on now...if we can't have coal and we can't drill for more oil...where does that leave us? I guess we need to build more noisy windmills! Come on people WAKE UP!!!! Read and listen to what his man is saying! I am sorry to be so political today, but it is getting very close to the election and people need to take note of who they are backing. Listen to his interviews and read his statements.

Did You Know Obama IS Pro-Choice?  

Posted by Johnny

I am truthfully amazed at how many people don't know that Obama is Pro-Choice! Then when confronted with the facts they still can't beleive it.
God forbid if he wins on Tuesday I will probably have to take this off my Blog because all my rights will be gone or it will be considered a hate crime!

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