I Love The Kroger MEGA Events!!  

Posted by Johnny

This weeks Kroger MEGA Event is by far the best that I have been able to participate in!!
I made two trips. The first trip cost me a mere $13.38,however me being the way I am, I was asking myself how I spent so much! Then I figured out that I grabbed the wrong dial which in turn threw my 30 items down to 28 so I didn't qualify for the additional $5 off my order. I decided to keep them, because I am not sure how I would return them and get the correct amount back. Also I discovered that at my Kroger they are really starting to read every coupon and will not double if it states DO NOT DOUBLE right on the coupon. I use to get them doubled every time but they are really cracking down.
So the next order I really checked my coupons and items and I got 20 items along with one loaf of bread one package of buns and some reduce egg beaters. My grand total was $1.74!!
I loved the look on the guys face that was bagging my groceries. He looked at the cart then looked back at the screen like the cashier messed up!! LOL!!! TOO FUNNY!

So I got all these groceries for a wapping $15.12!!
Making 54 items $.28 each!!

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