Kroger Deals Starting 7/10  

Posted by Johnny

I am very excited about the up and coming Kroger ad! The whole back page is dedicated to P&G deals!!!
If you buy 3 participating products you get $3 off your purchase, buy 6 get $6 off, buy 9 get $9 or buy 12 and get $12. This is such a good deal when you mix these up and combine them with the coupons that just came out in this past Sunday's paper. Also there are some e-coupons on the P&G website.

These are the deals I am planning on taking advantage of:

(2) Old Spice Deodorant 2.50ea - 1.00/2 MQ = 4.00
(4) Herbal Essence Shampoo 2.50ea - (2)$3/2 MQ = 4.00
(2) Duracell Batteries 3.00ea - (2)$1 MQ & (1)$2 eQ = 2.00
(4) Head and Shoulders 4.33ea - (2)$3/2 MQ = 11.32

Total for these items will be $21.32 before taxes then I should get $12 off for buying 12 items bringing my total to $9.32!
That makes each item .78ea!

I am also planning on picking up some other things that are on sale this week but I will probably do them in a separate transaction just to be sure that the first one rings up right.
My second transaction will include these great buys:
(1) Sunny D @ $1 - .25 MQ tripled = .25 (wish I had more q's for this sale)
(2) Tropicana Coastal Groves Lemonade @ 2.50 - $1 MQ = 1.50
(When I scanned the store today I did not see this type in there, so if I can not find it I will pick it up at Wal-Mart on a price match.)
(6) Variety of GM Cereal @ $1.88 - $1.00/2 MQ = 1.38ea (Kids will be happy to get junk cereal again!)
Western Style Ribs @ 1.37lb = ?? Depends on how much I get!

Also, if you are in need of toilet paper or paper towels they are included in the P&G deal and there are eQ's for them as well as insert Q's.

With deals like this I will probably be in there twice this week since they will only take two of the same coupon at my Kroger.

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I have been getting the coupons ready today. I hope to get up there tomorrow!

The Bar S bacon is also 2 for $3 and the coupons printed for me again, bringing them down to $0.75 each!

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