Curriculum Dilemma  

Posted by Johnny

So if you haven't read a lot of my post or don't know me personally, then you may not know that I home school. I have home schooled my children for the past six years. We did not start off home schooling, but decided to home school after attending a local (South Bend)curriculum fair. We have had some great times and some very rough times, but I would never change a thing and have never regretted home schooling the kids.
Anyway, I usually try to have all of the curriculum or at least 80% of it bought by now. Unfortunately this year I missed my favorite curriculum fair and didn't really buy much at the one in Ft. Wayne.
I also have been torn with what curriculum to buy. Spencer will be in the 9th grade this year and I really wanted him to do American History. Morgan used Sonlight's core 100 last year which is American History and considered 9th grade, but Sonlight is way too much reading for him so I have been trying to decide between The Teaching Company's American History and Notgrass' American History. Both seem great and I have not heard much about either. Then when it comes to science I also have two curriculum's that I have been looking at, Apologia and Rainbow Science. I am convinced Spencer would do better with Rainbow, but it is very pricey.

Sorry to go on and on, but if anyone that reads my blog could give some feedback if you've used any of these curriculum's I would greatly appreciate it. I only have four weeks and I need to have something!

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