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Posted by Johnny

Wow, I did it I finally started a Blog!

For those of you reading this and don't know who I am, my name is Johnny. Not to be confused with my husband John. I know some people just get a kick out of that, however, I really think it is no big deal. Maybe because I have lived with this name for 36 years and have finally accepted the fact that I supposedly have an unusual name. Well, maybe I'll discuss that more in depth at a later date? Anyway, I am a Christian mother of two teenagers, and if that wasn't enough I home school them as well. I know some of my readers home school and have more children and my hat is off to you, however, I really am glad GOD only allowed me to have two.
As far as more information on myself, I was diagnosed with fibromyalsia 4 years ago and struggle with that on a daily basis. I also have struggled with clinical depression for 18 years. I tell you this, just so you will get some insight into my world and understand as you read where I am coming from. I also have a very dry sense of humor and sometimes feel my humor is a disease. I do not write for a living, and sometimes may not have the best of grammar, however, I want to keep it real and down to earth!
I am calling my Blog "Room For Improvement", because I have a lot of room for improvement. Actually a whole "HOUSE"! Please give your comments liberally! I am new to blogging and the Bloggy World so please be nice to me.
I have been reading other peoples Blogs and they have inspired me and I may use from time to time their ideas, however, I will try to keep this original. I will continue to post about myself and my family for the first week or so just so you get to know me. Please check back often to see the progress of my blog and to add your input.

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Hey Johnny,

Nice to see you blogging! Hopefully you are better at it than I am. I have a horrible time keeping mine updated. I will add you to my friends list and hope to see you soon!


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