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Sorry about the pictures. I uploaded them after typing up the savings from each store. Then I couldn't figure out how to move them or delete them. Well, I have learned my lesson.

Today I had to do a lot of shopping in a very short time frame. I only had two hours to stop at four places, and I also had a plan to meet someone while I was in town. So needless to say I needed to get in and out.

My first stop was at Meijer. (Not pictured) They had a couple things on sale that I had coupons for and at my Meijer they double up .50. I Picked up the following items:
Musselman's Apple Sauce 1.59 sale
2 Smucker's Jam 2/$4 Sale -2 Q's @ .25 doubled to $1
10 Campbell's Soup 10/$5 Sale -3 Q's @ .40 Double to $2.40
My Total Out Of Pocket was $7.19
I will be going back for more soup, because the soup works out to be .26 each. And that is a great deal!

The next stop was Menards. Yes Menards! (Not Pictured) Okay so I usually don't "Stop" at Menards unless I am doing some home improvements, however I made and exception. They had Pounce cat treats for .88 and I had four coupons for $1. How could I pass that up? Well, unfortunately they would only let me use one coupon. So I will be going back again to get more and do separate transactions for each, because I have three more coupons to use. when I went I got one Pounce and one can of Pringles .85. My total was .79.

Next stop CVS:
Second Picture First Transaction:
Six Zooth Toothbrushes 3 BOGO Coupons 3.29 Ea except one was 2.99?
Altoids Peppermints (to make my total higher to use an ECB) 1.99
Used $10 ECB My total out of pocket was $2.66.

Third Picture Second Transaction At CVS:
6 Sunsilk Products 3.49 Sale 3 BOGO Q's + 2 Q's @ 2.50 + 1@ 1.50
4 Excedrin Products 1.99 sale 4 $2 Q's
3 CVS Rapid Release 3.99 sale
2 Lypsyl (Free - Rain check from last months deal, they owe me 3 more)
1 Dove Body Wash 5.99 sale 1 Q @1 (needed to get to $15 for sale)
3 PC Spa Set Clearance for 3.75 (use for Christmas)
Okay I used 3 $5 ECB's and 1 $6 ECB
My Total Out of Pocket was $5.73.

I expected to do better, but didn't plan on getting the Spa Set. I just couldn't pass it up!
Okay then finally I hit Walgreen's, First Picture:
4 Reynold's Wrap 4/$3 sale with 7-day Q 1MQ .55 + 1MQ .75
2 Airwick Mini 2/$9.99 sale 2 $4 MQ's
2 Quaker Chewy Bars (One already opened not pictured) 2/$4 sale 1/$1 MQ
2 No Nonsense Hose BOGO Sale priced @ $3.99 1/$1 MQ
4 Aveeno lotion sale 2.39 2MQ for 1.50 off 2
6 Extra Spearmint Gum 4MQ BOGO, 3/$2 7-Day Q, Save .99 on 3 IVC
5 American Seed Packets 5/$1 (fillers)
I used 1 $8, 1$9, & 1 $3 RR
I actually ended up getting .33 back, due to the fact that the cashier actually forgot to take the Reynolds coupon off at first, so they gave me money for the difference.
I will be going back for more Gum, but you can only get 6 at a time so that means I will probably be getting more seeds too!
Well, I had a total OOP for the day of: $16.04
Are there any sales I need to know about??? What did you get this week?

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Sounds like you did pretty good! I have an awful time at our CVS though. I need to go when I am not in a hurry and definitely when I am alone, otherwise I miss things and they overcharge me! I am going to start going to Walgreens this week though.


I don't know if you've ever heard of It's pretty big down here. For a small fee they send you a list of all the local sales with a list of all the coupons that were in the local papers so that you can compare prices and know when to use your coupons. I looked your zip code up and the have Meijer's, CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid listed as the stores. You could check it out. It cost a $1 for a trial membership.

Love ya,

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