Create A Personal Vitamin ID  

Posted by Johnny

When I want to start taking vitamins again I always go to the store or The Health Food Store in Ft. Wayne to get them. But then I get overwhelmed by the choices. What I need and what to add to my daily vitamin that I already take.

Well, Nature Made has made it easier for you. They have created the Vitamin ID, which personalizes vitamins to your lifestyle. Go and take the survey. It is totally free and you don't have to buy from them, even though I think their prices are very reasonable for everything they include. I found it very helpful and saw where I needed to add to the vitamins I am already taking.

Side note here, I have not been paid by them to review this. I simply came across the website and thought I would share it with you.

Chili Corn Dog Pie  

Posted by Johnny

This is a super easy recipe that my kids loved!

(2) Cans Chili with beans (or homemade 4 cups)
(6-8) Hot Dogs, sliced in half lengthwise
(1-2) boxes corn muffin mix or (1) Cup self-rising Cornmeal mix like Aunt Jemima

If using Jiffy mix follow directions on the box for mixing it. If using Cornmeal mix, mix with 1/2 cup milk 1 large egg & 2 TBL Vegetable Oil.

(1) Cup Cheddar Cheese

1. Heat Oven to 400F.

2. Pour the chili in an 11x7 (2-quart) glass or ceramic baking dish. Then arrange the hot dogs on top of the chili.

3. Pour cornmeal mix, from above, evenly over the hot dogs. It is easier if you start in the middle and work out. Top with cheese.

4. Bake the casserole until the corn bread topping is lightly browned and firm with the chili bubbling around edges. Approximately 25-30minutes. Cool 5 minutes before serving.

Serves 6-8.

Serve these with ketchup, mustard, onion or topping you might want on a chili dog.

I found this recipe in my new cookbook, The Dinner Anne Byrn

Kroger Shopping List 10/29-11/5  

Posted by Johnny

I have been going to Auburn approximately every other week to get my fix for Kroger. This week they are running another Mega Event Promo, which is Buy 10 participating items, get $5 off instantly at checkout. You can Mix/Match from the list. All prices reflect the $5 off. Items are marked with an **

**Gatorade Sports Drink Select Varieties, 32 oz Propel Fitness Water Select Varieties, 20-24 oz Mix or Match 49¢ $1/3 Homemailer

**Maxwell House Coffee
33-34.5 oz Mix or Match $5.49 ea $1/2 IP

**Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix
Select Varieties, 8-10 ct Mix or Match 79¢ ea

**V8 V-Fusion Juice Select Varieties, $2.49 ea $1/1 V8 Fusion IP
46 oz Welch's 100% Juice Select Varieties 64 oz 2.49 .75/1 64oz MQ

**Nabisco Chips Ahoy! Cookies Select Varieties, 10-16 oz Pepperidge Farm Cookies Select Varieties, 5-7.5 oz Mix or Match $1.99 Pepperidge Farm Cookies, Any 3 Oz .75/1 MQ

Cheez-It Crackers Select Varieties .99 $1.50/2 MQ
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Select Varieties, 7.5-16 oz $1.49 With Card * Additional In-Store Savings $1.25/2 I Can’t Believe Product RP 9/13 or $1/2 I Can’t Believe Product RP 9/13 or $1 off I Can’t Believe Sticks Parade Mag 8/09

Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookies $1.99 $1/2 Pillsbury Cookie Dough SS 10/04 or $ 1/2 Pillsbury dough cellfire ecoupon

Pillsbury Biscuits, $1.69 ea (Buy 4, Get $2 off your next purchase)
$1/2 Pillsbury Grands! Shortcuts eCoupon
$1/3 Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands! Biscuits SS 8/09, 7/12 or .35/1 Pillsbury Grands! SS 7/12 or.30/2 or .40/2 Grands! Biscuits SS 8/09

Pillsbury Sweet Rolls $1.69 ea (Buy 4, Get $2 Off OYNO)
$1/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls Shortcuts eCoupon .50/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls other IP's available

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $1.69 ea (Buy 4, Get $2 off OYNO)
$1/2 Pillsbury Crescents Rolls Shortcuts eCoupon + .50/2 Crescent Rolls SS 9/13

Birds Eye Steamfresh $1.49 .35/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetables any or $1/3 Birds Eye Steamfresh or .50/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh Lightly Sauced printable

**Edy's Ice Cream Select Varieties, 48 oz $2.49 $1/1 MQ Edy’s Grand Ice Cream

**Lean Cuisine Entree Select Varieties 5-12 oz Stouffer's Entree Select Varieties, 6-21oz Mix or Match $1.49 ea
$1/2 Lean Cuisine MQ or $1/3 Lean Cuisine June All You Magazine or $2/3 Lean Cuisine September All You Magazine

**Ore-Ida Potatoes Frozen, Select Varieties, 1-2 lb Bag Mix or Match $1.99

**Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.49
.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks printable or .50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks Shortcuts eCoupon + .40/1 Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes Shortcuts eCoupon

Bumble Bee Tuna
Select Varieties, 2.5 oz Pouch 99¢ With Card $1 off Bumble Bee Tuna IP = FREE

Carnation Evaporated Milk 12oz 49¢ ea
-.50/2 Carnation Evaporated Milks Or Ip = FREE

Campbell's Chunky Soup Select Varieties, 18.6-19 oz 99¢ .50/4 MQ

**Del Monte Tomatoes Select Varieties, 14.5 oz Mix or Match 49¢ $1/5 Del Monte canned Fruits or Vegetables MQ

**Duncan Hines Frosting .50/1 MQ = FREE

**Heinz Ketchup 32-36 oz $1.49

**Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies .99 - $1/2 Homemailer

There are several other deals...these are just the ones I felt were worth mentioning.
Keep in mind when printing the printable coupons to refresh or use your back button so you can print two.

I'm Really Still Here..Here's A Shopping Trip To Prove It!!!  

Posted by Johnny

I have been gone for so long and for those of you that have continued to come here and support my blog I really do appreciate it! A lot has happened to keep me from blogging and now I hope that i can get back into the habit of it once again.

Here is my Walgreens trip for this week:

I actually had RR's to spend and I split this into two transactions.

(4) Quaker Instant Oats @ 2.50ea - (2) 1.25/2 MQ + 7-Day BOGO Q = 2.50
(2) Airwick Refills @ 3.50ea - 4 IP (no overage just gave me 3.50) = FREE coupon is located in the corner after you click on the banner
(2) Simply Asia Soup Bowls .89ea - 50/1 MQ = .39ea
(1) Super Poligrip 2.00
(2) Trident Layers @ 1ea - BOGO Q (cashier took 1.29 off because the first one rings up for 1.29) =.79
(4) Act II Singles .25ea with 7-Day Q = 1.00
(1) Dulcolax @ 7.00 - 3.00 Q on package = 4.00
(1) Fiber Choice @ 2.49

Total after q's 13.56 then I used RR's to get my OOP to $3.51
I am not totally sure she rang all my q's looking at my receipt, but still not bad.
Then I received the following RR's back - $5 for buying $10 of Quaker Oats, $1 for Trident, $2.50 for Fiber choice, $4 for Dulcolax $2 for Poligrip = $14.50

(4) Act II Singles .25ea with 7-Day Q = 1.00
(1) Fiber Choice @ 2.49
(2) Trident Layers @ 1ea - BOGO Q (cashier took 1.29 off because the first one rings up for 1.29)= .79
(1) Super Poligrip 2.00
(1) Emergen-C @ 3.49

Total 9.77 (without taxes) paid $7 in RR's bringing my total to $3.39
Then I received the following RR's back $1 for Trident, $2.50 for Fiber choice, $2 for Poligrip and $3.50 for Emergen-C = $9 gained $2 yeah!!! Total OOP for both $6.90! Plus I have $23.50 in RR's

Some of these items I really don't use like Poligrip, but those are the items I give to people that will use them. I have never had a problem finding people to give away my free stuff to.

Free Table Runner Pattern  

Posted by Johnny

Thanks to Nancy's Notions you can go here and download a free pattern to make a fall table runner. You can make a few simple changes if you do not have embroidery machine to make this a hand embroidered runner or a simple quilted runner if you don't want to do the hand embroidery.

No Coupons  

Posted by Johnny

Please remmeber that there will be no coupons in this weeks papers due to the holiday weekend! So don't go buy them and call to complain that you had no coupons in them...

Kroger Match-Ups 9/3-9/9  

Posted by Johnny

These are just some of the great deals I saw this week at Kroger...keep in mind I am referring to the most local ad available to me, which is Auburn. It comes out on Thursday and runs until Wednesday and they will triple coupons up to .50.

Ground Chuck $1.57/#

Sweet Corn .17ea (very good price)

Charmin 4pk Bath Tissue $1.88 - $1/2 = $1.50ea

Sunchips $2.48 - $1/1 All You Mag

Tony's Pizza - $1.99 - .50/1 MQ = $1/1 Ip out there but not sure where I got it

Kellogg's Cereal Selected Varieties $3 - $1/2 MQ depending on which ones are on sale (not a great deal)= $2.50

Keebler Chips Deluxe or Sandies $2 - $1/2 MQ = $1.50 (could be a good deal with the milk promo)

Buy any 3 Keebler or Kellog's Cereal get 1 Free Gallon of Milk

Hefty One Zip 12-22ct $1 - $1/2 MQ = .50ea (good if you freeze a lot)

Dial Liquid Hand Soap $1 - .35/1 = FREE

Purex Liquid Detergent $2.49 - .35/1 = $1.44 (very good price)

Not a great week for me so I am not sure that I will drive 30 minutes to get these deals.

P&G Updated Coupons  

Posted by Johnny

P&G has updated their coupon database so go here and load your coupons on your card today. Remember these can be used in conjunction with other coupons.

Meijer Match-Ups 8/30-9/5  

Posted by Johnny

Here are the Meijer match-ups for this week. Sorry that I have not been able to much more between canning and plain life, but once things (canning and when school starts) slow down I will be posting more.

Please be aware that I do use a non-local ad when doing match-ups so the prices may be slightly different. However, there will not be a lot of differences.

Nestle Purelife 24pack $3.49 - .50/1 MQ = $2.49

Kraft Shredded Cheese $1.88 - $1/2 MQ = $1.33 ea

Eckrich Sausage or Grillers $1.67 - $1/2 MQ (looks like coming in 8/30) = $1.17ea

Muellers Noodles .79 - .55/2 MQ = .28 ea

A-1 Marinade $1 - $2 Q = $1MM possible YMMV

Snyders Pretzels $2 - .75/1 MQ = $1.25

Domino Sugar $2.50 - .35/1 MQ = $1.80

Pam Spray $1.99 - .35/1 MQ = $1.29

Jacks Pizza $2.50 - .55/1 = $1.95

A-1 Steak Sauce $2.50 - $2/1 MQ - $1/2 MM = FREE + $1 off beef wyb A-1 tear pads out there if you still have them

Taco Bell $1.67 - $1/2 MM = $1.17

Planters Nuts BOGO - $1/2 MQ = ??

Cottonelle 12pk $2.99 - $1.50 Home mailer MQ or .50/1 MQ or $1/1 All You mag = depends on q used

Vlasic $2 - $1/3 MM - $1/2 from Kroger Home mailer = $1.67 if only using MM

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh $2.50 - $2/2 MM = $1.50ea

Dole Salad Blends $2.50 - $1/1 MM (kits) $1.50/3 MM (blends)

Hawaiian Punch $2 - $1/2 = $1.50 (good price)

Also there is a MM for $1/#1 or more of Naturewell Meat. This might also work well with the A-1 deal.

Happy Shopping

WIN $20,000 From Windex  

Posted by Johnny

We could all use $20,000 right? Well, go here and enter for your chance to win. No purchase necessary contest ends 12/31/09.

I Hit The Mother Load  

Posted by Johnny

As I began to start canning this year I realized that I would not have nearly enough jars to do what I had planned on doing. So, I started asking around to see if anyone had canning jars they were not using anymore. Well, my aunt told me she had given all of hers away years ago. So I started scouring garage sales and came up with about 24. Not so great! So I did buy some at Kroger and Rural King. I still was not happy with the amount I had.

Well, I then started talking with my cousin and he informed me that his mom had left some in her house that she sold to the hospital. What? She told me she gave all of those away! Come to find out after making several phone calls to the hospital she had indeed left several boxes of jars in her basement and the hospital was more than willing to let me come and pick them up. My aunt had simply forgot about them...

So here are some pictures of the many, many cans that recovered from her basement. I have already washed 4 cases of the quart size and there are many, many more. I will update you to the total when I finish washing them.

Meijer Match-Ups 8/23-8/29  

Posted by Johnny

Here are the best of Meijer deals as far as I am concerned.

Kraft Regular or 2% Chunk Cheese 3/$5 - $1/2 MQ = $1.16 ea wyb 2

Fiber One Bars 3/$7 - $1/2, $.40/1 MQ = $1.83 ea wyb 2 or $1.53

Chex Bars 3/$7 -$1/2 , $.50/1 MQ =K $1.83 ea wyb 2 or $1.33

Fiber One Toaster Pastries 3/$5 - $1/2, $.50/1 MQ = $1.16 ea wyb 2 or $.66 ea

Aunt Millie's Healthy Goodness, Natural Multigrain, or Potato Bread $1.29 - $.35/1 MQ = $.59

Lay's Potato Chips $1.97 - $1/2 MQ All You, July = $1.47 ea wyb 2

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter soft tub, tub, sticks, or spray 3/$4 -$1/1 sticks 08-09-09 Parade, $1.25/1 MQ soft spread = $.33 sticks or $.08 soft spread

Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad Mixes 2/$3 -$1/2 or $.50/2 MQ + $1/2 MM = $0.50 ea

Juicy Juice bottle or slim pack drink boxes $2.59 - $1/1, $.75/1, $50/2 MQ + $1/4 46-64oz MM = Varies depending on q’s

Ziploc bags 2/$4 -.40/1 MQ + $1/2 MM =$.70 ea wyb 2

Suddenly Salad $1.50 - .40/1 IP or .50/2 MQ + $1/2 MM = .20 or .50 each depending on Q used

Crisco 25% off – .55/1 MQ PRICE ??

Kleenex 3pk $3.99 - .50/1 MQ + $1/1 3pk MM

Simply a great price::
White Vinegar 64oz = $1.69

Save Money By Canning  

Posted by Johnny

Another great way to save money is to start canning. If you don't have a garden it still can save you money if you buy the produce while it still in season.

This is what I have done in the last two days.

(8) pints of Bread & Butter pickles, I used cucumbers from my garden.
(5) Pints of diced tomatoes, from the garden
(4) pints of Blueberry Syrup
(5) Pints of Blueberry Jam

I purchased the Blueberries from the Shipshewana flea market for $1.70/# which figured to be just over .85/ pint. Which is cheaper than you can get them anywhere around here. The other positive is I didn't have to pick them, so it also saves me time.
Another great thing about canning is that you can give these items as gifts at Christmas and you'll have no rushing around at Christmas trying to find gifts.

I will say you do start off spending a little more out of pocket but the investment in the jars will be well worth it. Also, they have had coupons for the jars in the paper so you can also save on those.

I bought some of my pints at garage sales and I bought some at Rural King on sale for $6.49 - the $1.50 MQ = .42/jar. If you put stuff from your garden in them then you only have the jar price and that is cheaper than any canned veggies right now!

I have also recently canned chicken and potatoes that I picked up at Kroger for almost nothing.

If you haven't canned before please consider doing it to help you cut your budget.

(Hint: If you use the package of Mrs. Wags Bread & Butter Pickles, I reccommend NOT packing your cucmbers first as the directions indicate. I would add the cucmbers to the liquid and then put into jars. You will use less jars and have more pickles per jar. As you can see in my photo the cukes shrink after adding the hot liquid and causes them to floatwith extra room.)

Meijer Match-Ups 8/16-8/22  

Posted by Johnny

My plans were altered and I want to apologize to all of you that came here and found that I had not posted the match-ups.

Kellogg's Cereal $2.49 - $1/2 MQ or $1.50/2 IP
Buy $10 worth get $10 off any back back which are 40% licensed brands right now.

Keebler Cookies assorted varieties 1/2 off - $1/1 MQ or $1/1 IP these will also count toward the $10 off any backpack deal

Aunt Millies Bread $1.25 - .35/1 MQ

Musselman's Apple Sauce $1.50 - $1/3 IP

Quaker True Delights $2.49 - $1/1 MQ or $1/1 IP

Lipton Onion Soup Mix $1ea - .60/2 MQ

Dannon Yogurt .40ea - $1/4 MM

Hormel Compleats $2 - $1/3 MM - .75/2 MQ - B1G1 MQ All You Mag

Malt-O-Meal Cereal $1.29 - B2G1 MM - .50/1 IP

Red Baron Singles $2.19 - .75/1 MQ

McCormick Seasoning Mix .50ea - $1/5 MM

Ken's Dressing $1.67 - $1/2 MM - $1/2 MQ

Tony's Pizza (not the multi-serve) .98 - .50/1 MQ = FREE

Mt Olive Pickles $1.99 - $1/2 MM - .50/1 MQ

Angel Soft 12 double rolls $5.99 - $1/1 MM - .50/1 MQ

Dr. Pepper 12pk $3ea - $1/3 MM

Lysol Wipes - $1.50 - $1/2 MM - $1/2 MQ

Lysol Neutra Air Spray $1.50 - $1.50/1 MQ - $1/4 MM = .25 overage

Kotex B2G1 Free - .75/1 MM - $1/1 MQ

Dixie Ultra Plates $2 - .35/1 MQ

Cascade Dish Detergent $2.36 - $1/1 Home mailer

Axe Products Buy 2 get $3 off instantly at checkout - $1.50/1 IP

Maybelline lip, Eye, or Face products $2 off - $1/1 Mascara MQ or $1/1 Eyshadow MQ

Hope this helps!

Unexpected Plans  

Posted by Johnny

Sorry for not being here the last couple of days, but on Tuesday I ended up at Cedar Point! It was a great surprise offered by Lake James Christian Assembly. Well, after going I was unable to function for two days...for normal adults you would probably just drag the next day, but with the fibromyalgia it takes me longer to recover.
I had a great time with the kids and some friends that I don't get time to talk with. The best part about going was the weather, it was absolutely beautiful! It did rain, but only for about an hour and a half then it was wonderful! WE ate for an hour of that so it wasn't bad at all!
Well, I am going to try and get ad match-ups for Meijer tomorrow or late tonight. I also am planning on still trying to get match-ups for Kroger even if we do not have one in our town. We still have one close enough to us that is the deals are good it would be worth the run.
Thanks for being patient with me this summer as with last summer it gets hectic around here!
As for coupon previews it doesn't appear to be a great week, but you never know. (Mom there will be Purex Q's coming this week :-))

Free YoPlus  

Posted by Johnny

If you love yogurt then take advantage of this great offer from YoPlus. Send them one Activia UPC and they will send you a coupon for a FREE YoPlus. Check out their web-site for more information on this offer and on information about their products.

Free Sample Of Total  

Posted by Johnny

For your FREE Sample of Total go here and sign up.
Quantities are limited!

Meijer Match-Ups 8/9-8/15  

Posted by Johnny

Looking at the Meijer ad I really am not super excited. However, there will be a couple of deals to look out for. Here are the deals that I think are the best.

Kellogg's $1.88ea Buy $10 Get $10 off a backpack
I am unsure of how this works so you might want to ask first. More than likely you buy the backpack when you buy the cereal and it will automatically come off. Typically that is how these things work.
$1/1 Rice Crispies from Vocal Point or $1/2 MQ

Kraft Singles $1.79 (looks as if we may get a $1/2 Q in today's papers)

Viva 6pk $5.99 - $1/1 MQ found in Parade Mag

Cottonelle TP $5.99 - .50/1 MQ or $1/1 All You

John Morrell Lunch Meat $2 - B3G1 Free MQ

Aunt Millies Buns or Bread - .35/1 MQ

Nestle Toll House Chips $2 - .50/2 IP sign up to print + $1/4 MM

Nesquick 20% Off - $1/2 MQ or .50/1 All You + $1/2 MM

Finish $3 - $2.50/1 MQ EXPIRES TODAY!

Clorox Bleach $1.50 - .50/2 MQ

Coffee Mate Creamer $2.50 - .50/1 MQ + $1/3 MM

Happy Shopping!

Weekend Meijer Trip  

Posted by Johnny

Meijer did have a two day sale and I took advantage of a couple of the items.

Here is what I got. I actually did four transactions (royal pain) but I wanted to get the peanut butter for Christmas goodies. Yes, I am already thinking of Christmas.

(4) Tony's Pizzas @ $1.49ea - (2) $1/2 MQ = .99ea
(2) John Morrell Bacon 1 lb @ $1.79
(8) Skippy Peanut Butter $1.33ea - (8) .40/1 MQ - (4) $1/2 MM = .03ea
(1) Bread @ .98 (not pictured)

Total OOP for 4 transactions $8.80

Another $5 Off $25 @ Walgreens  

Posted by Johnny

Another opportunity to save at Walgreens. Go here to print your coupon. Keep in mind that you usually have to spend $25 before coupons and taxes to get the $5 off. This coupon is good for Wednesday & Thursday only.

Just In Case You Haven't Printed Your's Yet  

Posted by Johnny

Here is a link to get $2 off Honey Bunches of Oats wiht Pecan Bunches. You can only print one per computer. With the right sale you might get a free box of cereal.

Another Trip To Walgreens  

Posted by Johnny

After work I went back into Walgreens to pick up some Ragu, but I wanted to take advantage of some of the other deals again so this is what I got.

(2) Cheez-It @ $1ea - $1/2 (home mailer from Kroger) = .50ea
(4) Pop Tarts @ $2ea - (2) $1/2 MQ = $1.50ea
(4) Oral-B Toothbrushes (2) @ $2.89 & (2) @ $2.50 - (4) $1/1 MQ = $1.50 & $1
(I am unsure why they rang up different prices I will check on that when I go back in, should have been $2.50)
Penway Pencils .19 a filler so I can use the RR
I used a $10 RR and paid $4.74 OOP
I got back (2) $5 RR and (1) $2 RR - still not sure where the $2 RR came from? I guess it makes up for the mistake in price for the TB's

(8) Ragu Sauce @ $2ea - (2) .75/2 MQ & (2) .60/2 MQ = $13.30 for all
Penway Pencils .19
Aco Paper Clips .29
used (2) $5 RR's from #1
Paid $3.81 OOP

Got back a $10 RR

(2) Frosted Flakes @ $2.50 - $1/2 MQ = $2ea
Aco Paper Clips .29
used $4 RR's from the other day
Paid .31 OOP
Got back a $2 RR

#4 (totally unplanned)
(2) Clean & Clear Black Remover refills @ $5.59ea - $3/1 MQ
Paid $5.96 OOP (should have used a RR but I didn't plan on these so I messed up, because I didn't want to run and get a filler to use a RR)
Got back a $5 RR

Total for all 4 Transactions $14.82 or .57/item still not bad.
Plus I have $19 in RR's
Still unsure if I am going back or not. I will have to check and see how many q's I have left.

Starting August Off Right  

Posted by Johnny

This being back-to-school season for most retailers we are starting to see better sales and I am more than ready to take advantage of them. My parents and I went shopping yesterday at CVS and Walgreens and here are the deals I got.

(2) Stretch Book Covers @ .99ea = 1.98
(2) Stayfree Pads @ $5ea - BOGO MQ = 5.00
(2) Protractors @ 1.50ea = $3
(1) Highlighter .01 wyb 1 stationary product
(1) Softsoap Nutri Serums 4.99 - $2/1 IP only available for some zips
(1) M&M Peanut .89 - FREE Q
I used a $4 & $10 ECB bringing my total OOP to $1.58
Received back $4, $3, $5, & $1.98 in ECB's
(The $5 ECB is from the pads so it will make those free if you have the BOGO Q)

(3) Electrosol Tabs @ 4.50ea - (3) 2.50 MQ = $6
I have to buy (2) More to finish the deal, which is buy $20 get $10 ECB's, then it will make these all free.
I actually messed up this transaction long story...but in the end my OOP was $2.88
Received back no ECB's

On Hubby's Card
(1) Softsoap Nutri Serums 4.99 - $2/1 IP
(3) Visine Wipes @ 3.99ea - (3) $3/1 MQ = .99ea (this is the same deal as the pads so you have to have two cards to do both, because the limit is one per card)
After ECB's I paid only .31 OOP

Received back $4 & $5 ECB's

Total of $4.77 for all 3 transactions. There is a total of 17 items and an average cost of .28/item. Ironically that is the same number of items I got at Walgreens too.

And as usual CVS was out of a lot of items so I will need to run elsewhere to get the other things.


Vitamin Shampoo (smells yummy) $3.99
Total $4.27 paid with GC $0 OOP
Received a $4 RR

(5) Pop Tarts @ $2ea - (5) .55/1 MQ = $7.25
(1) Clearance tape .22
Total $7.47 used $4 RR from #1 + .73 remaining on GC bring total to $2.76 OOP
Received back $5 RR

(8) Suave Deodorant Sale $1.34ea - (8) .75/1 MQ = $6.97
(1) Clearance tape .22
Total $7.19 w/out tax used $5 RR from above bring OOP to $2.96
Received back $10 RR fro buying 8 Unilever products (hint Money Maker)

Vitamin Shampoo @ 3.99
Paid $4.27 OOP I could have figured this out better so I could put this with something another day but they did not have a lot left and I wanted another bottle.
I received back a $4 RR

Total for 4 Transactions $9.99 and have $14 in RR. Not bad for 17 items for an average of .59/item. I went in with $5 on a GC and literally came back out with it in RR's.

Meijer Match-Ups 8/2-8/8  

Posted by Johnny

I know this is not a Sunday post, but I just couldn't get this done. I had so many coupons to cut and I had potatoes to can. PLUS I went shopping with my Mom and Dad so I feel like I did get a lot accomplished even if this is not on time.

These are some of the deals I see. There might be some that are better on other weeks, but at least this will give you some match-ups for this week if you need some things.

Lean Cuisine 1/2 Off - $1/1 MQ = Price varies
Kelloggs Assorted Cereals - $1/2 MQ = $1.49ea
Fiber Plus Bars $1.99 - $1/2 Found inside boxes = $1.49ea
Oscar Mayer Bologna & Hot Dogs $1.67 - $1/2 = $1.17ea
GM Cereal $2.19ea - $1/2 All You Mag or .50/1 Cookie Crisp or .55/1 IP's here = $1.69 or $1.19 or $1.64
Keebler Chips Deluxe $2.50 - $1/2 MQ + $1/2 MM
Lay's Potato Chips BOGO - $1/2 All You Mag = $1.50 or $2.99/2
Barilla Pasta's .89 - $1/4 = .64ea wyb 4
Hunt's Ketchup $1 - .20/1 MQ = .60
Land O Lakes Butter $2.49 - .40/1 or .55/1 (with olive oil if included) = $1.69 or $1.94 for the Olive Oil kind
Birds Eye Steamfresh Veggies $1.25 - $1/3 All You = .92ea wyb 3
Ragu $1.50 - $.60/2 MQ or .75/2 MQ + $1/2 MM = .70ea or .63 wyb 2 (Walgreens has a better deal going on right now if you need this and have a Walgreens in your area)
Skippy $1.33 - .40/1 MQ + $1/2 MM = .06ea wyb 2
Country Crock $2 - .25 MQ + $1/2 MM = $1ea wyb 2
Purina Cat Chow Naturals or Healthful Life $2 OFF Not sure on the price of this yet but there is another q for $2/2 it might be a good deal to check out if you have cats.
Lipton 15% off .50/1 MQ + $1/1 MM = Cheap Tea depending on the tea you get

Some other good deal;
Eggs .88
Corn in husk .19ea

Plus there is a catalina deal on the Skippy wyb 2 Natural PB so check that out while your there!
I hope this helps you shop and thanks for stopping by.

What Happened To July?  

Posted by Johnny

I feel as if time has moved so fast lately because I have been extremely busy. Of course as you know my in-laws visited at the end of June then again on July 4th weekend. I love having guest however, I enjoy them more when it's one family at a time not three!
Next up was the 4-H fair. Both of the kids did great on their projects and received all blue ribbons. I will try and post pictures of the projects later.
In between all of this we continued with softball. Morgan made the travelling team and they ended up winning the Northern State Tourney and going to Kentucky. They only one the first game which was against the Southern Indiana State Champs. So her team (Angola Kids League) is officially the "State Champs".
That brings me to this week...and I have done some shopping and "had" some pictures to post, but my daughter deleted them thinking I already downloaded them.
I went to Kroger which is closing in our town and is currently running 25% off everything. I bought mostly meat! I still had several Tyson q's to use and I bought some ground meat that was already reduced so it was very cheap! I canned most of the chicken tonight. I have never canned meat before, but after talking with a couple of friends I decided to give it a whirl since I am short on freezer space.

Today I made it into Meijer and picked up 11 items and here is the picture of what I got.

(2) Aunt Millies Buns @ $1 - .35/1 MQ = .30ea
(4) Old Orchard Juices @ $1 - $1/4 MQ = .75ea (coupon was sent from manufacturer)
(1) Coffee Mate Creamer $1 - .50/1 MQ = FREE
(1) Land O' Lakes Marg $1 - .40/1 MQ = .20
(2) Warm Delights @ $1 - .50/1 MQ = FREE
(1) Aunt Millies Bread $1 - FREE (11th item)
Total was $4.15...later when I was figuring this I noticed it only took off .65 for the loaf of bread so my total should have been $3.80...I will go in and get the .35

Well, I hope to have Meijer match-ups on by tomorrow. From what I can see it looks as if it will be a slow week at Meijer.

However, CVS & Walgreen's are firing up for back to school and are running some awesome deals. I intend on trying to hit both of them early this week and maybe a second trip to Walgreen's mid week to roll some RR's.

I'm glad to be back and hope to get back on schedule before school starts.

Meijer Trip 6/30  

Posted by Johnny

Wow, I had a great trip to Meijer today and I have it listed below. I am so sorry for not posting match-up but it looks like it will be hit and miss for me for the next three weeks. We have 4-H fair coming up in three weeks. plus I have company coming in again this weekend for the fourth of July Holiday. Then to top things off Morgan will be going non stop for her travelling softball team. With all of these things going on I will not be able to post on a consist ant basis...or at least it seems as if I will not.

Here is the Meijer breakdown:
Trans #1
(6) Hormel Pepperoni @ $1ea - (6) .75/1 = .25ea
(4) Eckrich Franks .78 (w/$10 additional purchase) - (2) $1/2 = .28ea
(4) Ronzoni Spaghetti @ $1ea - $1/1 MQ - $1/2 MM = + $2
(5) I can't Believe... Spread @ $1.33ea - (5) $1.25 MQ = .08ea
(5) Heluva Dips @ $1.19ea - .25/1 MM - .75/1 MQ = .19ea
(2) Dixie Plates 40ct @ $2 - (2).50/1 MQ = $1ea
(4) Country TIme Canisters $1.33ea - (2) $1.50/2 IP = .59ea
(4) Different Varies Kelloggs Mini Shredded Wheats @ $1.75ea wyb4 - (4) $1/1 IP's = .75ea
(4) Hillshire Farms Cheddar Brats @ $2ea - (2) $1/2 MQ = $1.50ea (normally I would not buy these at this price, but I have the company coming, I like to pay $1 or less)
(2) Healthy Balance Juice @ $1.67ea - (2).50/1 MM - (2).50/1 MQ = .17ea
(1) Coffee Mate Creamer @ $2.50 - $1.50/1 MQ from home mailer = $1

I had a $10 Q for filling my Rx at Meijer.
Bringing my total OOP to $7.95!

Trans #2
(4) Kellogs Cereals @ $1.75ea - (3) $1/1 MQ = (3) .75ea & (1) @ $1.75
(2) Healthy Balance Juice @ $1.67ea - (2).50/1 MM - (2).50/1 MQ = .17ea

I also used a $2 Q from a previous deal. Bringing my total OOP to $1.43!
So my total for all of this was only $9.38!!!

Free Physicians Formula Make Up  

Posted by Johnny

Do you need some new make-up? Well, then go to the Physicians Formula website and print off their rebates.
Currently they are offering (4) different rebates!

Organic wear®
100% Natural Origin Mascara Rebate

Mineral Wear® FaceBrighteners™ and
BronzeBrighteners™ Rebate

Bronze Booster™ Rebate

Organic wear® Rebate
100% Natural Origin Makeup Removers

If you pair these with a CVS or Walgreens deal you could turn these into money-makers!

Meijer Two-Day Sale  

Posted by Johnny

Meijer will be having another two day sale starting 6/26. If you would like to see whats on sale you can go here.

The best deal I see is Aunt Millies Bread for .75 use .35/1 MQ making these .05! I will have to make room in my freezer for this deal!

Kroger Match-Ups 6/25 - 7/1  

Posted by Johnny

Here are the match-ups for this weeks Kroger ad. Some of these may not be the best deals you can get. I am just posting the match-ups I found.

* Denotes Daytona Event Item and you will need to buy 10 participating items. The price listed is minus the .30

*Shedd's Spread Country Crock Margarine refrigerated, 30-45 oz, assorted varieties or Spreadable Butter, 12 oz pkg $1.69 $1/1 MQ

*Breyers Ice Cream 1.5 qt, assorted varieties *$2.19 - Breyers Ice Cream 48 .75/1 or $1/1 MQ

*Bounty Paper Towel 6 Extra Soft Big Rolls, Print or 8 Regular Rolls, white, original or Select- a-Size - Bounty Paper Towels 6-8 Roll Pkg- .50/1 MQ

*Scott Bath Tissue, 12 Pack, 1,000 Sheets or 12 Mega Roll, Extra Soft, white *$6.69 - $1/1 Any 12-Pack - USA Weekend, June 21 2009

*Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 4.5-9 oz, assorted varieties $1.69 - $1/2 MQ - .50/2 Shortcuts e coupon or cellfire

*General Mills Cereal Cheerios or Multi Grain Cheerios
11.8-18 oz; Cinnamon Toast Crunch 17 oz; plus other select varieties; *$2.19

General Mills Cereals 1/ 2 6/14 SS

$1/2 General Mills Cereals IP

-$1/3 General Mills Cereals SS 5/31 or IP

-.55/1 off Lucky Charms IP

-.60/1 Lucky Charms Shortcuts

-.55/1 General Mills Fiber One and Lucky Charms cellfire

*Kellogg's Pop*Tarts, 12 ct pkg, assorted varieties .55/1 MQ or $1/2 MQ

*Hunt's Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce 15.5-16 oz;*70¢ - .80/2 MQ

Kool-Aid, Country Time Lemonade Drink Mix Canister assorted varieties $2 - various $1.50/2 or $1/1 IP's (most not available now)

*Kraft Barbecue Sauce 18 oz, assorted varieties 69¢ - Kraft BBQ Sauce .75/1 MQ

*Ragú Pasta Sauce assorted varieties *$1.39 16-26 oz 1.25/3 MQ or .30/1 MQ

Nature's Bounty select varieties BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE - $1/1 MQ

*Oscar Mayer All Meat 16 oz Pkg, assorted varieties *$1.29 - $1/2 MQ

*Lloyd's 18 oz tub $3.69 - .75/1 MQ

Birds Eye Vegetables $1 - $1/3 IP

Tony's Original Pizza $2.29 - $1/2 MQ

Sunny D Beverage or Smoothies 48-64 oz $1 - .55/1 MQ or .25/1 All You Mag or .25/1 Homemailer from Kroger

Turkey Hill Tea $1 - $1/2 MQ

Kraft American, 2% American or 2% Sharp Cheddar Cheese Singles 16 ct, individually wrapped 1.47 - $1/2 IP or $1/2 Kroger Homemailer

Great Price White Seedless Grapes 97¢ lb

If you have other deals you see please just leave a comment!

Walgreens 6/24  

Posted by Johnny

This was my first trip this week to Walgreens. There really wasn't a lot that I wanted this week, but had $10 to spend so here it what I got.

(2) Milk .99ea Clearanced
(3) Kotex @ $2.99 - (3)$1 MQ = $1.99ea
(1) Aquafresh $3 - .75 MQ = $2.25
(1) Aloe Vera Gel (for Sunburn) $4
(6) Candy Bars @ various prices - (3) BOGO Q's form tearpad = 3/$1.81
My Total after Q's & $10 RR was $7.63. Not great, but better that paying full price!

I got back (2) $3 RR's one for the Aquafresh and the other for the Kotex.

Yet Another Blue Bunny IP  

Posted by Johnny

Go here to print a coupon for $1/1 12-Pack Bomb Pops. I actually think these are great! I wish I had some for was so hot!

My Meijer Trip 6/22  

Posted by Johnny

Today I went into Meijer and here is what I picked up.

(4) Jet Puffed Mini-Marshmallows $1.67 (3/$5) - (1- I only printed off one, but if you buy 3 you get $2 OYNO)$1/2 MM - (2) .50/2 tearpad q's = $3.67 or .92ea

(20) Kool-Aid @ .10ea - (2).50/10 = FREE
(1) 5pk Kraft Mac & Cheese - FREE with the purchase of 20 Kool-Aid
(2) Meijer Sugar @ $2.69ea - (2) $2/1 sugar w/the purchase of 10 Kool-Aid packs = $1.38 or .69ea
2.67lb Banana's @ .44/lb = $1.17
(3) Cool Whip Topping @ .99ea - (1) $1/3 MM - (1) $1/2 IP = $1.49 or .50ea (it's actually a better deal if you have (2) IP's to use and the MM, then buy 4 instead of 3, but I only had (1) IP)

My Total OOP was $6.29 ? I am not sure what happened to get my total to this, but what ever, I figured $7.71 so a difference of $1.04.

Meijer Match-Ups 6/21-6/27  

Posted by Johnny

Most of the Kraft IP's are not available any longer, but I listed them just in case you still have them available to use. IF they are unavailable I will not have the link up.

Frosted Mini-Wheats $1.99 - $1/1 MQ

Kelloggs Pop Tarts $1.99 - .55/1 or $1/2 MQ

Eckrich Smoked Sausage $2 - $1/2 MQ

Ball Park Hot Dogs $1.25 - $1/2 MQ

Kool-Aid 10/$1 Buy 10 Get 5ct Kraft Mac & Cheese Free(OOPS! It's Buy 20 get free Mac & Cheese, sorry for the mistype) - .50/10 IP Also Q in this weeks paper for Buy 20 get $2 off sugar. Should make the sugar FREE!

Ragu $1.50 - .60/1 Margherita or Sweet Basil or .60/2 MQ

Aunt Millies Bread $1.25 - .35/1

Skippy $1.33 - .40/1 MQ

Knorr noodles or rice $1 - .50/2 MQ

Marie Callender's Dinners, Large Pot Pies or Pasta Al Dente $1/2 MQ from All You Mag
or $1/1 Pasta Al Dente also in All You Mag

Liton 20% Off - .60/1 MQ

Healthy Choice Naturals $2 - $1/2 MQ

Red Baron Thin Crust, Stone Hearth or Classic, Deep Dish Singles, Thin & Crispy, Classic Microwave - .75/1 MQ

Sara Lee Cheesecakes, Pound Cakes or Coffee Cakes or Edwards Singles 50% off - .75/1 Edwards & $1/2 Edwards & $1/1 Sara Lee Simple Sweets (if Included)

Kraft Shredded Cheese, Cheese Cubes, Crumbles or Sticks $2 - .50/1 Tearpad found at Kroger's $1/2 IP

Nabisco Ritz Crackers, Toasted Chips or Ritz Bits $1.75 - B1G Free Wheat Thins & $1/1 IP

Kraft Miracle Whip or Kraft Mayonnaise $2 - $1/2 MM & $1/1 IP

Cool Whip .99 - $1/2 IP & $1/3 MM

Michelina's Authentico Entrées .75 - $1/5 MM & $1/5 IP

Jet Puffed Marshmallows or Marshmallow Crème $1.67 - $1/2 MM & .50/2 tearpad found at different grocery stores

Crystal Light Drink Mix, Crystal Light On The Go or Skin Essentials Drink Mix $2.50 - $1/1 IP or $2/2 IP (others as well)

Jello .50 - $1.50/10 MM

Dole Salad .75 (No Q's just good price)

Arm & Hammer $3 - $1/1 IP

Hefty 20% Off - $1/1 Fresh Extends $1/1 Regular bags MQ

I hope this helps you shop this week!

Don't forget to check your Parade Magazine or USA magazine in the paper for more q's this week.

More Printables  

Posted by Johnny

Go here to print some more great coupons. If you haven't signed up with them yet you will need to do it before printing.

Kroger Match-Ups 6/18-6/24  

Posted by Johnny

These are some of the best deals I see for Kroger this week. There may be more after this weeks Q's. I think this is a better week than the past few, but it still not a great week!

Doritos $1.98 - $1/2 e-coupon

Country Time $2 - $1/2 IP (not available anymore just put here in case you printed it)

Kool-Aid $2 - $1/2 IP

Tony's Original Pizza assorted varieties $2 - $1/2 MQ 6/7 SS

Pizza Rolls 15ct $1 - .55/2 shortcuts - $1/5 e-coupon BHTTT

Birds Eye or Freshlike Steamfresh Frozen Vegetables assorted varieties; 10-12 oz Birds Eye or 16 oz Freshlike 10/$10 -
$1/2 Birds Eye Vegetables (in-store dispenser) & $1/3 Birds Eye Frozen select boxed vegetables IP

Michelina's Entrees select varieties 10/$10 - $1/5 Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Entrees IP & $1/5 Michelina’s Traditional Recipe or Authentico Entrees IP

Bounty Paper Towel, single roll 10/$10 - .25/1 MQ

General Mills Cereal Trix 10.7 oz; Cheerios or Multi-Grain Cheerios 8.9-9 oz; Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12.8 oz, plus other select varieties 2 for $4 - General Mills Cereals 8-12.8 oz 1/2 6/14 SS - 75/1 Multi Grain Cheerios & .60/1 Lucky CharmsShortcuts e coupon - .55/1 Lucky Charms IP - .50/1 Lucky Charms cellfire

Hunt's Snack Pack or JELL-O Pudding or Gelatin
4 pack Hunt's or 6 serve box JELL-O, assorted varieties 10/$10 -$1/3 Jell-o boxes IP - $1/3 Snack Pack All You Mag

Keebler Chips Deluxe or Sandies Cookies
12.5-18 oz Chips Deluxe; 9.5-16 oz Sandies; Keebler Club or Town House Crackers, 9-16 oz, assorted varieties *1.69 ea FINAL VALUE When you purchase 3 * Purchase any 3 participating products, Save $3!
$1 off Keebler Sandies Cookies IP - $1/2 Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies IP

McCormick Grill Mates 10/$10 - McCormick Grill Mates Blend, Marinade, or Spice Rub .50/1 5/03 RP = FREE

Aquafresh Toothpaste 4.6-6.4 oz, select varieties 10/$10 - various Aquafresh coupons IP

Comforts Value Jumbo Pack Diapers
all sizes 5.99 - $3 off any Comforts diapers IP

Suave Deodorant 1.4 oz, select varieties 10/$10 - Suave Deodorant $1/1 or .75/1 MQ

Suave Shampoo or Conditioner 15 oz, select varieties 10/$10 - Suave Shampoo or Conditioner 15 oz .50/2 (coupon varies by area)

Kroger Value Russet Potatoes 10 lb bag 2.98 Low Prices on Produce!

Fresh Strawberries 1 lb Clamshell - 97¢ WOW! (I hope that is the real price for Angola)

Vidalia Sweet Onions US #1, Georgia grown 58¢ lb

This Week Walgreens Trip  

Posted by Johnny

Here is what I picked up at Walgreens yesterday.

Trans. #1
(4) Maxwell Coffee $2.50ea - (2) $2/2 IP = $1.50ea
(1) St. Ives Body Wash $2.99 - $1.50 MQ = $1.49
(1) Omega 3 $8 - $8 FAR Raincheck = Free
(2) Root Awakening Conditioner @ $5ea - $3 MQ = $2ea
(1) Root Awakening Sample Pack clearance $2.96 - $3 MQ = +.04
(1) 3 Pack Spoons clearance .69 (filler)
(1) Mini Highlighter clearance .14 (filler)
Used $10 & $1 RR's
Total OOP = $1.43
Received $3 RR for the St. Ives + I will return the Root Awakening Conditioner and re buy them with one more to get another $5 RR. They only had two when I went in so I just bought them so I could use the $10 that would expire.

Trans. #2
(1) St. Ives Body Wash $2.99 - $1.50 MQ = $1.49
(2) Mini Highlighters clearance .14 (fillers)
Used $1.50 & $2 RR's
Total OOP .74
Received back $3 RR

Malt-O-Meal Printables  

Posted by Johnny

I just found some Malt-O-Meal coupons that will work great with the sale at Meijer this week. Go here to print yours.
While you're there go to cereal central and sign up for more e-mail offers.

Printable Coupon For Skintimate  

Posted by Johnny

Go here to print $1/1 Skintimate Cream Shave Gel.

Loadable Coupons  

Posted by Johnny

Here is all of the websites that you can load coupons on to your Kroger card or similar stores. Please remember some sites like P&G only allow 25 per card.

P&G e-Saver
Cellfire I have been told that you can not add coupons if you have a track phone.
Bringing Hope To The Table

Remember to check back often to see if they have updated their database.

Meijer Matchups 6/14-6/20  

Posted by Johnny

Sorry, for not having tese up sooner, but we have had a busy weekend and also have company in from out of town.

I would also like to say Thank-you to all of you that attended my first coupon class. I hope you all have learned something and continue to come back and share with me all of the great things you've been doing.

Keebler Fudge Shop Cookies $1.75 - .55/1 Ip (no longer available)
Kellogg's Cereal $1.75 - $1/1 MQ or $1/1 Mini-Wheats from Vocalpoint
Hillshire Farms Sausage or Brats $2
Aunt Millie's Bead & Buns - $1.25 - .35/1 MQ
Hot or Lean Pockets $2 - .50/1 MQ
Fast Fixins $4 - $1/2 MM
Hawaiin Punch $2 - $1/2 MM
Nestle Pure Life Water $2.50 - $1/2 MM
Kozy Shack Pudding 4.4oz, 6/4oz, or 22oz. tub - .35/1 MQ - $1/3 MM
Orea Cakesters $2.50 - $1/1 MQ
Malt-O-Meal Cereal $3/4 - B2G1 MM
Log Cabin or Mrs. Butterworth's $2.50 - $1/2 MM
Smucker's Ice Cream Toppings $1.75 - .75/1 MQ - .55/2 MM
Nesquick 20% off - $1/2 MM
Act II Popcorn $1.19 - $1/4 MM

Happy Shopping

Sign Up For Minute Maid Coupons  

Posted by Johnny

This summer treat yourself to a refreshing dessert! These are very tasty I tried them at the food show, and they are a great snack. Especially if you don't want ice cream but your craving a cold treat.
Go here and sign up to get some coupons sent to you.

Smart Source 6/14 Coupons  

Posted by Johnny

Here is a list of the Smartsource coupons coming in this week’s 6/14 paper…this is a list from someone in New York (thanks to adriannasmommy1216 of HotCouponWorld) so yours may differ a little for your area. However, you can always order these from one of the clipper sites at the side of my page.

Also, the ones that are bolded type I think will be hot Q’s. Note I could be wrong, but I personally think these are good or will be of use in the future for deals.

Purex complete 3-in-1 sheets $2.00 on 1--7/31/09
Purex ultra concentrate or naturals elements laundry detergent $1.00 on 2--7/31/09
Ziploc brand flexible totes or big bags $1.00/1--8/7/09
Purina friskies part mix 2.1 oz, any vairety Buy one get one free up to $1.71--9/30/09
Oscar Mayer deli creations sandwiches $1.00 on 2--8/9/09
Fruit2o essentials 18 oz $1.00 on 2--8/31/09
Cherrios(list many different kinds) $1.00 on 2--7/25/09
Cherrios snack mix, any size/flavor $1.00 on 2--8/8/09
Chex mix cereals(list many different kinds) $1.00 on 2--7/25/09
Betty crocker fruit shapes, fruit by the foot, fruit gushers, fruit roll ups or fruit roll ups fruit stickerz fruit flavored snacks $1.00 on 3--8/8/09
Alexia crunchy snacks $1.00 on 1--7/31/09
Hebrew national Franks $0.75 one 1--7/31/09
Dole canned juice 46 oz or 6 ox 6 packs $1.00 on 2--9/12/09
Loreal mascara eye shadow or eyeliner $1.00 one 1--9/6/09
Loreal hip eye or lip product $2.00 one 1--9/6/09
Nestle drumstixx lil drums sundae cones, 4ct or 8 ct nestle drumstick sundae cones 6ct or 12 ct eskimo pie frozen snacks $1 on 2--8/14/09
Edy's dibs brand 10 ct snack bags or 9 oz edys dibs frozen snacks 6 ct, 12 ct or 24 ct edys fruit bars $1.00 on 1--8/14/09
Haagen dazs snack size bars or 3ct haagen dazs ice cream bars $1.00 on 2--8/14/09
Rold Gold pretzels 7 oz or larger $1.00 on 2--7/25/09
Pepperidge farm whole grain bread $0.55 on 1--9/13/09
Pepperidge farm petite twists pastries or petie piroutte rolled wafer $1.00 on 1--8/31/09
A.1 steak sauce or marinade, any variety $2.00 on 1--7/14/09
Kraft barbecue sauce $0.75 on 1--7/14/09
Oreo cakesters 10.5 oz-12 oz $1.00 on 1--7/13/09
Miracle whip 32 oz jar $1.00 on 1--7/21/09

Pull ups training pants jumbo pack or larger $2.00 on 1--7/18/09
Visine totality multi sympton relief or visine total eye soothing wipes $3.00 on 1--9/30/09
Visine product, any $1.00 on 1--9/30/09
Blue diamond oven roasted almonds 8 oz jars $1.00 on 3--9/14/09
Popsecret microwave popcorn $1.00 on 2--7/26/09
John Frieda root awakening product(excludes trial sizes and kits) $3.00 on 1--7/31/09
john frieda collection product(includes a list) excludes trial sizes and kits $1.00 on 1--7/31/09
Kotex pads $1.00 on 1--8/8/09
Kotex lightdays pantiliners 34 ct or larger $0.75 on 1--8/8/09
Kotex security tampons 18 ct or larger $0.75 on 1--8/8/09
Midnite or midnight pm $1.00 on 1--12/31/09
Scott extra soft bath tissue $1.00 on 8 or more rolls--7/26/09
Scott long lasting roll or mega roll paper tolls $1.00 on 4 or more--7/26/09
Purina Mighty Dog, any variety FREE up to $1.00, or save $1.00 on one 12ct or 24 ct variety pack--8/3/09
Bonnie product non drowsy motion sickness relief $1.00 on 1--9/30/09
Bumble bee premium tuna pouch 2.5 oz or 5 oz $1.00 on 1--9/30/09
Silk soymilk $1.25 on 2 half gallons--7/31/09
Spray n wash product $0.50 on 1--7/26/09
Spray n wash maz $0.50 on 1--7/26/09
Air wick aerosols buy 2 get 2 free up to $2.40--7/26/09(2 coupons, but the same)
Maalox liquid $1.50 on 1--9/30/09
Maalox products $3.00 on 1--9/30/09
Schiff move free 80 ct or larger $5.00 on 1--8/31/09
Colgate visible white toothpaste $1.00 on 1--7/4/09
Woolite carpet and upholstery cleaner $1.00 on 1--7/31/09
Dentyne gum, $1.00 on 2 bottles or 2 multi packs--8/9/09 DND
Midol pm or midol liquid gels $2.00 on 1--9/14/09
Midol 16 ct or larger $1.00 on 1--9/14/09
One a day 12 ct or larger $2.00 on 1--9/30/09
Schick quattro titanium razor $4.00 on 1--7/27/09
Schick quattro titanium refull $4.00 on 1--7/27/09

Phillips norelco arcitec razor $20.00 on 1--7/31/09
Phillips norelco speed-xl (8200 series) rzor or nivea for men shaving system $10.00 on 1--7/31/09
Phillps norelco replacement head $5.00 on 1--7/31/09
Science diet natures dry dog or cat food $3.00 on 1--7/31/09
Science diet natures best dry dog food 22 lb or 30 lb or 12 lb natures best cat food $5.00 on 1--8/30/09
Lanacan spray or cream $1.00 on 1--9/14/09
Brut fragrance $1.00 on 1--7/31/09
Brut antiperspirant or deodorant product $0.55 on 1--7/31/09
Listerine total care anticavity mouthwash 500ml or larger OR listerin whitening pre brush rinse 16 oz or larger $1.00 on 1--5/31/10
Listerin whitening quick dissolving strips or pen Or rembrandt whitening kit $3.00 on 1--5/31/10
Reach toothbrush or value pack $1.00 on 1--5/31/10
Listerine antiseptic 500 ml or larger OR plax rinse OR efferdent 78 ct or larger OR listerine pocketpacks 24 ct or larger OR listerine pocketmist $0.50 on 1--5/31/10
Reach dental floss excludes trial sizes OR reach access flosser $1.00 on 1--5/31/10
Listerine agent cool blue OR listerine smart rinse 500 ml $1.00 on 1--5/31/10

A Trip To Ft. Wayne  

Posted by Johnny

Mom, Dad and I headed down to Ft. Wayne to stop at K-Mart for their $2 doubles this week. It was a little disappointing this time because they limited the coupons to 10/day this time, but I still got some good deals I just had to be choosy.

Here is what I got there.

Off! Clip On $7.49 - $2 Q = $3.49
Off! Refills $3 - $1 Q = $1
(2) Lysol Neutra Air @ $2.67ea - (2) $1.50 Q = Free
Saran Wrap $1.67 (No Q on sale and needed it)
Dove Visibly Smooth $3.99 - $2 Q = Free
LaCross Nail Clippers $1.49 - $1 Q = Free
Playtex Gloves $1.69 - $1 Q = Free
Fancy Feast Cat Food $2.49 - $1 Q = .49
Ziploc Bags $2 - .55 Q = .90
Pledge Duster $2.79 - $1 Q = .79

Total after Q's = $9.80 - $5 Gift Card = $4.80 + I received a coupon for $3 on my next order
I placed the $4.80 on the Rebate Card I got from Staples so I had $0 OOP.

Since we were in Ft. Wayne we also hit Target, here is what I picked up there:

Sorry the IP's for these are no longer available.
(4) Velveeta Shells & Cheese cups @ .99ea - (2) $1/2 IP = .49ea
(6) Easy Mac @ .77ea - (3) $1/2 IP = .27ea
(2) Kraft Miracle Whip Lite $1.99 - $1/1 Target Q = .99ea (these are for my sister-in-law, she can't find it cheap in here town. So I am stocking up for her and will give it to her in July when I see her.)
Ziploc Lg containers @ $2.49 & Ziploc Med Containers @ $2.29 - (2) $1/1 Target Q's - $1.50/2 MQ = .64ea
(I use these to put baked goods in to give away at Christmas)

My total was $7.03 after q's I paid $5 with a target gift card and put the other $2.03 on the rebate card from Staples for $0 OOP.

Also this week at Target buy (2) Softsoap 2pk Ensembles refills @ $6ea get a $5 Gift Card. Use (2) $2/1 Target Q & (2) $1/1 MQ = $6 then you'll get the $5 GC so a pretty decent deal for (4) soaps. I had already used my q's at CVS so I didn't have any for this deal.

New E-Coupons  

Posted by Johnny

In case you didn't read my earlier post for Kroger I have just discovered a new site where you can get e-coupons.
It is called Bringing Hope To The Table. If you have any of the following stores in your area then you can upload theses q's to your card. Plus they even have a Pepsi Coupon! I think this site will be temporary so use them while you can.
Here are the participating stores:
King Soopers
City Market
Jay C
Pay Less

$5 Coupon From Walgreens  

Posted by Johnny

Go here to print yours!

A Slow Week @ Kroger 6/11-6/17  

Posted by Johnny

This week looks to be another slow week at Kroger. I have posted some match-ups below. I don't think I will be in much this week. I guess I will save my money for another week.

Kraft Cheese $1.67 - $1/2 slices IP, $1/2 All Natural shredded & Chunks IP(if included)
Country Time Drink Mix $2 - $1/2 IP
Tombstone, California Kitchen, & DiGiorno Pizza 4/$10 - $1/2 Tombstone IP or $1/1 California IP also $1/1 MQ
Always 14-60 ct or Tampax Tampons 20 ct, select varieties 2.99
Tampax 18ct or more 1/1 P&G e-coupon - Tampax 50/1 MQ
Lean Pockets & Hot Pockets $1.89 - .50/1 Lean Pockets + .40/1 any lean or reg hot pocketse-coupon This is a new site!
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! Margarine 16 oz sticks; 15 oz soft bowl, two 7.5 oz twin tubs or 8 oz spray 1.89 - I Can’t Believe Spread or Spray 50/1
Daisy Sour Cream
refrigerated, original or light, 16 oz container 1.79 - .50/1 Daisy Sour Cream 50/1
or .60/1

Please feel free to comment if you see some other great match-ups.

217 E-Mails Later  

Posted by Johnny

Yes, I had 217 e-mails waiting in my inbox when I got back form vacation. Actually that was only my folder that did not include all of my sub-folders. Well, I am glad to have them read and deleted!
While I was in PA I did go into a store once and got to grab some great coupons wile I helped my sister-in-law shop for graduation food. Wow, I really could not live with the prices where she lives. I feel spoiled to have so many places to shop and that give such great bargains. Just when I thought the deals are getting worse I went to PA and soon decided I could live our prices here in Indiana.

Speaking of shopping I did get into Meijer tonight and picked up some great deals. I will list the deals below, but unfortunately I don't have a picture, because all of our batteries were dead.

Buy any 5 Crest, Gillette or Duracell Items priced @ $3 or higher and get a $10 Gift card instantly @ checkout. (Which means get the card and take it to the checkout with you.)
I did two separate transactions to get two gift cards.

#1 - (5) Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel 6oz. @3.49 - (5) $1/1 MQ = $13.67 w/tax

#2 - (5) Old Spice Red Zone Deodorant @ $3.49 - (5) $1/! MQ = $13.637 w/ tax
(Note you can not use the gift card from the first transaction to pay for the second. I found this out the hard way. However, it will take $3.67 off and you will end up with (2) $10 Gift Cards.)

* Denotes 10 for 10 get the 11th free
*Aunt Millies Bread $1 - .35/1 MQ = .30
*Shedd's Country Crock $1 - .25/1 MQ - $1/2 MM = FREE
* Bar-S Bologna & Chicken and Beef Franks $1 - $1/2 IP & $1/2 MQ
Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies $1.98 - $1/1 IP this one is for the Sandies and will work with the sale, there are others out there = .98
Kellogg's Cereal Buy 4 get $3 off instantly at checkout = $7/4 - (4) $1/1 MQ's = $3/4 or .75/1
*Hunt's 24oz $1 - .20/1 = .60 or some of you have Free from the home mailer
Reynolds Wrap 2/$5 75 sq ft or 50sq ft Heavy Duty - $1/2 MM - (2) $1/1 = 2/$2 pretty good for the heavy duty stuff
*Wish Bone $1 - $1/2 MM = .50ea
*Ken's Salad Dressing $1 - $1/2 MQ = .50ea

I hope this helps you plan your shopping for this week and I should have Kroger up by tomorrow.

One More Before Leaving  

Posted by Johnny

So I thought I would share with you one of the gifts I made for my niece for her graduation gift. I made her this cover-up. I am not sure what the bathroom situation is yet, but some colleges have to walk through the halls to get to the bathroom.

I seen this on Sewing with Nancy, and decided to try it. I will be doing the next one different. But, since I waited to the last minute to make this I didn't have time to change it. I still think it turned out pretty decent.

Vacation Plans  

Posted by Johnny

Sorry, for not posting lately. We have been very busy the last couple of days running to graduations and softball.
I will also be away for the rest of the week as we are going away to PA. My husband has been laid off for the week so we thought we would take a run to his brothers house in PA. My niece will also be graduating this weekend so it has fallen at a good time. If there is ever a good time to be laid off.

A heads up on coupons, Cellfire has updated their coupons as well as and Kraft Foods. I hope you get some great deals while I am gone! I will have a limited shopping area where I am going :-(
See you on Monday!!

Softball Has Started  

Posted by Johnny

Tonight we had a double header due to the fact that Tuesday's game got rained out. We lost this makes three losses. Not a great start! Tonight Morgan got to play second, center field, catch and pitch. I only have pics of her playing second and up to bat. It got very cold fast so I sat in the van for the second game. Her are a couple cute pics from the game.

Walgreens 5/27  

Posted by Johnny

Yesterday I headed out to Walgreens to pick up some of the freebies plus I had a RR that expired yesterday so I needed to at least spend that. I did this in two transactions. See details below picture.

(25) One A Day Multivitamin drink mix (2 pk) .99ea - I used (4) $1/1 any One a day and (7) $3/1 any so I got 3 packages with the $3 Q because my store will not give overage on MQ's, at least in this situation
(2) Reach Toothbrushes @ $2.50 ea - (2) $1/1 MQ = $1.50ea
(1) Colgate $2.49 - $1/1 MQ = $1.49
(7) Trident @ $1.29 - (7) .75/1 MQ - $4.36 Walgreens 7 day coupon = .58 overage (now in this case they will do overage because before the 7-day q they are $1.29, so the computer does not compute the fact of both coupons together. Hope this make sense.)
(1) Posture D Vitamins @ $8.99
I used (3) RR's $3, $5, & $4.50 (since the $3 coupons for the One a Day vitamins only counted for one item I had more items than q's and did not need any fillers.)
Subtotal without tax .15 with tax OOP $3.36

Received (3) RR's $1.50 for Colgate, $3 for Reach, & $9 for the Posture D

(2) Reach Toothbrushes @ 2.50ea - $1/1 MQ = $1.50ea
(1) Colgate Toothpaste $2.49 - $1/1 MQ = $1.49
(2) Mini Highlighters .14ea for fillers
used (1) RR for $2.50 subtotal before tax .54 with tax OOP @ 2.81 I HATE TAX!

Received back (2) RR's $3 for Reach and $1.50 for Colgate

With this new system of having the same number of q's as items I find I am spending a little more OOP than before.

Total for two transactions = $6.17

Kroger Match-Ups 5/28 - 6/3  

Posted by Johnny

Here are the best deals I see this week at Kroger. Not a great week but since the big weekend was last weekend then it doesn't surprise me. Some of the Q's I have insert dates on if that helps, but some I just couldn't find. So far all around slow week.

Glaceau Vitamin Water 20 oz, all flavors $1 - $1/1 VitaminWater10 SS 4/05

Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding or Gelatins 4 ct, assorted varieties $1 -$1/3 May All You Mag

Smart Balance Butter Blend Sticks or Buttery Spread Margarine
refrigerated $2 - $1/2 MQ or Heartright $1/1 or 50/50 Blend $1/1

Michelina's Entrees select varieties $1 - $1/5 Michelina Entrees IP

Healthy Choice select varieties $1.88 - $1/2 MQ or .50/1 Shortcuts

DiGiorno Original, Ultimate or Stuffed Crust assorted varieties $5.29 - $1.25 IP

California Kitchen Pizzas $5.29 - $1/1 MQ or $1/1 IP

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables boxed 7-10 oz Green Giant, assorted varieties $1 - .50/2 Green Giant Boxes SS 4/05

Bounty Basic single roll $1 - $1/2 MQ

Scotch-Brite Sponges 1 ct $1 .75/2 Scotch Brite Sponges RP 5/10 or $1/2 Scotch Brite Sponges RP 4/19

3M Mini Lint Roller $1/1 MQ

Campbell's Condensed Soup 10.5-11 oz, select varieties $1 - $1/2 IP (not a great price, but worth mentioning for all of you with only a Kroger)

Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta 14.5-15 oz or Microwaveable Cups $1 - $1/4 Chef Boyardee Cans SS 5/03 or May All You

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce - $1/1

Kraft BBQ Sauce or 18-19 oz assorted varieties $1 75/1 Kraft BBQ Sauce SS 5/10 or -$1 off Kraft BBQ Sauce IP

Quaker Rice Snacks assorted varieties $1 - $1/1 MQ RP 3/29

Dial Soap Pumps
7.5-11.25 oz, select varieties Dove Bar Soap single bar $1 35/1 Dial Soap SS 3/08

Fresh Iceberg Lettuce 77¢

Busy Weekend  

Posted by Johnny

This weekend was very busy here. Not only was it a holiday weekend, which means tons of traffic at the lake , but it was was also our city-wide garage/yard sales.

I have to say that this was a great year for them. The weather was great as well as the merchandise. In years past I have been disappointed with the quality of the sales, but this year there were more good sales than bad.

Then to top it off Monday Goodwill had 50% off store wide. I have to say I really over spent this week-end, but I got some great deals. Now I just have to buckle down on my grocery budget to squeeze out a little more cash to cover for my spending spree.
Here are just a few of the great deals I found:

I found this yarn at Goodwill...I was so happy just to find some yarn let alone several matching skeins with the same dye lot. There are 23 skeins total and I paid only $6 for all of it.

Vintage books for only .25ea, "The Diadem" book is from 1867.

Cast Iron skillet $1.50 quilted table runner $2.
Skillet needs seasoned but in good shape other wise. Some people are just clueless on how to take care of them so they would rather sell them. I would rather have a cast iron skillet any day over a non-stick pan. You'll never get the same results frying potatoes with a non-stick pan as you do with a cast iron skillet.

Vintage hand towels and small square table cloth .20ea. I love vintage hand towels and table cloths but I don't like to pay a lot for them. It is also hard to find them without stains on them. This table cloth does have a couple of small stains, but for .20 I thought it was worth it.

Now that the holiday is over we start softball. I really am not looking forward to this year at all. Tonight is our first game if we don't get rained out. Wish us good luck.

Heloise From A-Z Post #2  

Posted by Johnny

Continuing with the Heloise from A-Z book here are a couple of great hints on apples.

Freezing Excess - Peel, core, and slice. Sprinkle with lemon juice or ascorbic acid to keep them from turning brown. Store in freezer containers or plastic freezer bags in specific use quantities like one, two, or three-cup packs so they'll be ready for recipes.

Storage - Apples give off ethylene gas and will make carrots bitter if stored in the same crisper drawer.

Meijer Match-Ups 5/24-5/30  

Posted by Johnny

These are the best deals I see this week at Meijer. Not so great this week, but I need a week off to get the freezer cleaned out.

Chi-Chis Salsa $1 -.55/1 = .45
Aunt Millies Buns .99 - .35/1 MQ = .29
OnCor Frozen Entrees $1.99 - .30/1 MQ = $1.39
Dixie Plate & Bowls $2 - .50/1 MQ = $1
Vanity Fair Napkins $2 - .50/1 MQ = $1
Lysol Neutra-Air 50% = 5.76approx. - 4.00 MQ = 1.76
Keebler Cookies 50% off - several different Q's out could make a good deal

This is all I could see at first glance. However there are bound to be more deals sneak out during the week. I will keep you posted, if there are any new deals at Meijer.

Two Great Summers Deals  

Posted by Johnny

Right now at Kroger Country Time canisters are .99 (for my area until Wednesday). just loaded $1.50/2 coupon so it makes these .24ea.

Also at Meijer starting Sunday the 24th buy 20 packages of Kool-Aid get one 5# bag of sugar FREE! also has a coupon for .50/10 packages that will sweeten the deal!

If you are able to print more than (2) coupons then you could stock up at these great prices!

Love Bar-S???  

Posted by Johnny

What am I talking about? Well, if you love Bar-S franks then you know I am talking about the best rated franks. Bar-S also has coupons available on their site so go get some and while your there go ahead and enter in the $10,000 sweepstakes an instant win game. You can enter daily.

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