Kellogg's Printables @  

Posted by Johnny has some great Kellogg's coupons right now.

$1/1 Frosted Flakes
$1/1 Special K
$1/1 Rice Krispies
$1/1 Corn Pops
$1/1 Apple Jacks
$1/1 Froot Loops
$1/1 Raisin Bran
$1/1 Mini Wheats (any)

Also there is a Buy (1) 2-liter Sierra Mist Get (1) 2-liter Sierra Mist Ruby Splash FREE

These are some great printables and may match-up well with some on going deals right now or in the near future.

Sewing - Quilt Blog  

Posted by Johnny

If you know me then you know I LOVE FREE! I also love to do about any kind of sewing and crafting as well. So if I combine the two it is just that much better.
Recently I came across this great site called You Can Make This. This site has great freebies as well as some inexpensive e-patterns for purchase. Now they have a new You Can Make This Blog. The blog also offers free patterns and tutorials. Sign up to receive the newsletter and you'll receive some great projects as well as tips and tricks of the trade. They have also added a new sister site called You Can Quilt This .
Go check them out...even if you don't have time to sew or quilt right now you might be inspired for the future! Remember Christmas is always closer than you think.

Walgreens This Weeks Trip 4/28  

Posted by Johnny

I made it into Walgreens last night and picked up several of the Freebies this week. Unfortunately they were out of the Ecotrin, which would have been a money maker with Q.

Anyway this is what I got:
(1) Bayer Contour Meter @ $14.99 - $14.99 MQ = FREE + $5 RR
(3) Sierra Mist @ 3/$11 - (3) $2 MQ (Home mailer from January's Deal) = $1.66ea + $3 RRwyb3
(2) Nivea Body Wash @ $4.99ea - (1) $1 MQ = 1 @ $4.99 & 1 @ $3.99 + (2) $5 RR's
(1) Rembrandt Mouth Wash @ $4.99 + $5 RR
(2) Bayer Quick Release Tabs 4ct @ $2.49ea = (2) $2.50 RR's
(2) Bamboo Napkin Rings @ 2/$1

I split this up into two transactions, the first one is when I found out that they have changed it so you have to have the same # of items per # of coupons. In the past you could give the RR's then give them the MQ's and you would have no problems. However, now they have updated their computers to be smarter! Now you must have the same number of items as you do Q's. That is why I bought the (2) napkin rings. You could also buy seeds if you want to buy something cheap.
So after both transactions I ended up with $17.90 OOP and $24 in RR's to roll into other deals. Just remember when rolling RR's, you can not use a RR on the same deal or you will not get another one. Example: When I go to buy more Nivea I can not use a Nivea RR, but I can use one from the Bayer,Sierra Mist, Contour or Rembrant. I have forgot sometimes and realised it too late. So learn from my mistakes!

Side note here---The Nivea smells SOOO yummy!

Free Clip Art Source Book  

Posted by Johnny

I have been on the lookout for free vintage labels or images for a few months now. I actually came across this website on a Freebie site that I just found thanks to my Mom.
Well, here is the link to go and download your FREE Clip Art Source Book. The site offers a lot of other free clip art items, but if you download the book it will link you to all of them and you will have it all in it one handy spot. I hope you find it as useful as I have.

Walgreens Freebies  

Posted by Johnny

As many of you know right now at Walgreens the Mento's gum is 2/$2. I had a friend give me coupons for all this gum plus when I was there I found these Soliels marked down to $1.79! YEAH!!! Mom got a couple also. I also found these shark bites mints which were not free but cheap .25. So my total was $2.80, ($2.30 was tax!).

While were in Ft. Wayne we stopped by one of the Kroger's on Dupont to see if they carried this dog food, "Freshpet Select". I received a Catalina for it here in Angola, but they stopped carrying it. I kept it for the next time I was in Ft. Wayne. It was good for a Free product up to $3.99. Plus the T.P. was free so I tax for these items. Which was only .26!

Two More Trips To K-Mart  

Posted by Johnny

I was so happy the coupons I ordered came in just in time so Mom & I could take a run to Ft. Wayne to pick up some items at K-Mart. I forgot my $5/$50 coupon but did pretty good considering. For the first trip I paid $19.87. I did have to do 2 separate transactions so I could get more of the Wholesome Goodness for .10/3, which is a steal!

This trip was the trip we did on Saturday. I brought my $5/50 coupon and did much better! The shoes were on clearance for $5 and the towel was $2.99 and I am planning to make something with it so that I will show you when it's complete!

Some of the items are hard to see in the photo, I am sorry about that! The total for these two transactions was $13.41. The best thing about it is my cat was out of soft cat food and now he will be set for at least 6 months now! He is getting older and does a lot better with soft food, so we give him both, simply because he likes food in his bowl 24/7.

Oh, and isn't that K-Mart bag the cutest! It was $1.49 and I picked it up with Fridays trip. It is much bigger than the regular grocery bags.

Can't wait for the next doubles!!

High Value Pledge Printable  

Posted by Johnny

Go here to print your $2/1 Multi Surface Spray plus $2/1 Pledge Fabric Sweeper. If you haven't made your trip to K-Mart yet this could be a good Q.

Free Dog's Life Subscription  

Posted by Johnny

If you know me then you know I LOVE dogs! If I lived on a farm I would have loads of dogs. So I couldn't pass up this great offer for a Free Subscription to "Dog's Life". Go here to get yours.

Coupon Previews 4/26  

Posted by Johnny

The Coupon Clippers have put up the coupon previews for Sunday. I don't see much to get excited about. However, there are a couple of BOGO's that might turn into some sweets deals, depending on future ads. But as of right now...I only see the free cat food pouch, that may not even be available around here. At least I haven't seen them here, but I will be on the lookout now.

Let me know if you see some Q's in the list that you think might be good to have!

Happy Shopping!

More Kashi Coupons  

Posted by Johnny

I was so excited to see that Kashi put coupons on, but now they have some available on their website as well.

If you like Kashi you better take advantage of these ASAP because they will take them off after a certain number of these are printed. So print yours now!

Here are the links:

I just found another one.
If your a member of Vocalpoint you can print this one for Waffles.

It's That Time Of Year Again  

Posted by Johnny

Well, this is the time of the year when I start looking into what curriculum I will be using next year for school. I will be using Saxon for Math, which we have been using for the past three years now, but I am really trying to find an all inclusive curriculum that will not cost me a fortune.
There are several companies out there that offer what I like, but I simply can not afford them. Also, what I buy for Spencer, I usually can't use for Morgan. They have completely two different learning styles.
Spencer, my oldest is so hard to get motivated. He hates everything! Morgan on the other hand just does her work and I really can give her anything and she will do it even if she hates it.
So, I have been looking over "Blessed Is The Man" for Spencer. It is a four year Unit Study based on Psalm 1, and the best part is it is affordable. I really am torn about this. I reviewed it online and I really think it is great and it covers everything except Math and some Science. I also like the fact that it is directed towards the student and I have minimal input, beside grading papers and some help directing him towards Units.
I definitely am asking for prayers to help guide me so I can make a decision. I want to do what is best for my son and I want him to enjoy the work he is doing. I also want him to enjoy learning as he grows closer to God.
If anyone has used this curriculum with an A.D.D. child I would love to hear your opinion of it, or if you know of any other curriculum that I may be interested in.

K-Mart Doubles - My Trip  

Posted by Johnny

I went to K-Mart today to get it over with and I found some great deals along with a GREAT BIG PAIN! I might have known this last time, but I forgot that they will only double (4) like coupons. So when they totalled my order and it came to $27.98 I about hurt someone...just joking.

I knew something was wrong, so I immediately asked the guy to please let me look over the q's and the receipt. So I paid the $27.98 and then stepped to the service desk. That is when the service desk lady informed me that they only double (4) of the same q. So I then told her I didn't want the extra items, which totalled $26.69 w/o q's.

It turned into a nightmare, because they really didn't know how to void the whole transaction or give me my money back. The first thing they did was to try to deduct my q's and not give them back to me. (Never allow them to keep your q's if they deduct them from your money back.) I then told her nicely that I either needed my q's or she needed to give me a full refund for the items. Her and another lady discussed this then decided I was right and they would just give me my money back. Keep in mind I was standing there 45 minutes, while they were trying to figure this all out.

Well, by the time it was all said and done I spent $11.29 for all of this stuff. I should have spent less but after standing there 45 minutes I wasn't thinking straight. So I told her I wanted to rebuy the four boxes of cereal that I couldn't get earlier, with the doubled q's. Which in turn essentially cost me $6 when if I was thinking they should have only cost me $2. DUH! Well, I will be going back this week and getting more cereal and possibly more cat food.

Whiskas cat food ends up $1.12 after the doubled $2 MQ.

Wholesome Goodness Cat Food ends up .10/3! Can't beat that. My cat is getting old and does a lot better with soft food, even though I give him both soft and hard food.

As I have said before, you will make mistakes when you are new and old to couponing. Just don't give up and stick to it. Still after making mistakes it is still cheaper than paying normal prices, wouldn't you agree?!

$2 Off Snuggle  

Posted by Johnny

Go here to print a $2 off Snuggle Creme laundry Softner. With the doubles at K-Mart starting 4/19 this could end up being a very good deal!

Kroger Trip 4/16  

Posted by Johnny

I had a great trip to Kroger today, and here is what I got:
I did two transactions so I could get the milk free, because it is limit one deal per transaction. I am listing this all as one though just for simplicity.

(10) Quaker Rice Cakes @ $1ea - (10) $1/1 MQ = FREE
(4) Fiber One Bars @ $2ea - (4) .50/1 MQ + (1) .50/1 Cellfire Q + (1) 1.00 Shortcuts Q = .50
(2) Trail Mix Bars @ $2ea - (2) .50/1 MQ - (1) .60/1 Shortcuts = .40/2 (not sure why it gave me that Q, it did not match the item I bought?)
(8) Kroger 1/2 Gallons 2% Milk @ .99ea = FREE wyb 3 Participating GM items
(8) Boxed Green Giant Veggies @ $1ea - .50/2 MQ - .50 Shortcuts Q = $1.50/8
(5) BE Veggies (I just noticed on my receipt I was over charged so I will have to get my $ back for these) 1 @ 1.00 & 4 @ 2.48 - .35/1 MQ = $5.67
(2) BC Bagged Potatoes @ $1ea - (1) .25/1 MQ - .35/1 Shortcuts Q = 2/.90 (totally forgot to give her the other Q, found it when I was putting things in car)
(3#) Ground Beef @ 1.67/# = $4.99
(1) Reduced Donut Holes @.85 (also overcharged for these they were marked .50)
(1) Reduced Sliced Mushrooms @ $1.19 (pictured below)
(1) Tomato = .68 (can't wait for this summer for cheaper toms)
(1) Reduced Potato Salad @ $1.19
(1) Sun Detergent @ $1.88 (pictured below)
(1) Lettuce @ .99
(2) McCormick Seasoning @ $1ea - (2) .25/1 = .50/2
(5) Softsoap liquid hand soap @ $1ea - (5) .35/1 = FREE
My Grand Total for both orders was $21.26 - then - money I will get back when I go in and they adjust it ($6.27) = $14.99
Even with my mistakes and theirs it was an awesome deal! You can do it too, just try not to repeat my mistakes!

Of course I have more coupons to go back, but I will wait a few days until we can fit more milk in the frig or freezer.

FREE Toilet Paper!  

Posted by Johnny

I was very bummed as a lot of you were when I discovered that Krogers were not carrying the 4pk of Cottonelle T.P. any longer because that meant the end of FREE or cheap T.P.

Well, it looks as if I may not need to fret any longer, well, at least not for another month or so. I was looking on The Coupon Clippers to look at this weeks coupons and I was extremely excited to see that there will be a coupon for Angel Soft 4pk or larger valued at .50 cents! This is great news for me and maybe you too! I know my Kroger has their 4pks for $1.28 (a little more than cottonelle @ .99) so for me after it is tripled it will be FREE!!!! And if your Kroger doubles it will only be .28! This is great I hope they continue to print these coupons for the 4pk. Maybe if we all cross our fingers it will happen :-)

If you don't get the coupons in your paper this week you can always pick them up from The Coupon Clippers for .10 each.

Kroger Deals Starting 4/16-4-22  

Posted by Johnny

These are the best deals at Kroger this week. Some of these deals may be current in your area depending on when your ad starts. Our ad runs Thurs-Wed.

Gm Cereal , includes Trix, Multi Grain Cheerios, Cinn. Toast Crunch plus others also includes Nature Valley Granola, Sweet & Salty Nut, Fiber One, or Chex Mix Bars
3/$6 - (several different coupons out there), I will be using .50/1 Fiber One Bars = .50ea or $1.50/3
(Hopefully more Q's will come in this weeks paper to make this deal even sweeter!)
Buy 3 participating GM Products and get 3 1/2 gallons of Kroger Milk

Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream or Sherbert $1.99 - .55/1 (home mailer, get one sent to you by e-mailing them)

Johnsonville Smoked Cooked Brats $3.49 - .55/1 = $2.94 (if your store doubles up to .99 this could be a better deal)

Sun Detergent 41-50 loads $1.88 ( I haven't tried this yet if you have let me know if you like it, it's a great try-it price)

Kellogg's Cereal $2.18 - $1/1 MQ = $1.18

2 Liter Bottles Coke Products 2/$3
Purchase two 2 liter bottles of participating Coke product and Kellogg's Variety Pack 12 pack or Kellogg's CHEEZ-IT GRIPZ 12 pack, in one transaction, with your Plus Card, SAVE $3.00 instantly off your order. Limit one offer per transaction.

Rice-a-Roni or Pasta Roni $1 - $1/3 MQ = .66ea

Quaker Rice Snacks $1 - $1/1 = FREE

Birdseye Steamfresh $1 - .35/1 Steamfresh = FREE or .30 if your store doubles

Green Giant Boxed Veggies $1 - .50/2 MQ = .50/2 or $1/2 if your store doubles

Lawry's Marinades $1 - $1/2 MQ = $1/2

McCormick Grill Mates $1 - .25/1 MQ = .25 or .50 doubled (also if you have $1/1 that would make these free)

Softsoft Liquid Handsoap $1 - .35/1 MQ = FREE or .30 doubled

Suave Deodorant $1 - $1/2 or .75/1 MQ's = $1/2 or .25/1

There is a possibility to get more matchups after this weeks Q's so keep your eyes open!

Meijer Matchups 4/12-4/19  

Posted by Johnny

Here are a few match ups for Meijer this week that I thought were worth mentioning.

Arnold's Bread SALE: $1.69 - Mealbox Q -$1.00 = .69
Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap—7.5oz SALE: $1.00MQ: .35/1 (3-29) = .30
Quaker True Delights Bars SALE: 2/$5—$2.50 ea.MQ: $1/1 (3-01) = $1.50
V8 V-Fusion 46oz SALE: 2/$5.00MQ: $2.00/1 V8 V-Fusion IP (Print this before they take it off) Mealbox Q $1.00/2 V8 V-Fusion = FREE wyb 2
Vitaminwater SALE: 1.00 each MQ: 1.00 off any (4-5) = FREE
International Delight SALE: 2/$3MQ: 1.00 off any 2 = 2/$2
Ragu SALE: 4/$5 or 1.25 each MQ: .30 off any 1 (4-5) = .65
Palmolive Pure and Clear SALE: 2/$4MQ: .75 Mealbox Q: $1/3 = .50
Colgate Wisp SALE: 2/$3MQ: .50 IP or All You April & May = .50

Denim & Tea Apron #3  

Posted by Johnny

I finally finished this apron. I have been working on this one for over two weeks now. The first time I made it I didn't like how it looked, so I sat it on the table and contemplated it every time I walked pat. I am very happy with it now. One of the changes I made to this one was neck ties. I did this by placing three buttons so it will fit more people. The first one I made only had neck ties, that tied at the back and I wasn't crazy about that so I changed it on this one. Then after doing this one I decided to change my technique once again on the next one. I think I will like the new improved method better as it will still be adjustable, but will not require so much fabric for the neck ties and will be just as easy to put together.
This fabric is actually a tea print which is difficult to see in the photo. Mostly burnt orange with greens and browns. Also hard to tell from the picture is that this one is a little longer than the first one. I was thinking of my taller
Let me know what you think.

The Bible Is Unique 2A & 3A  

Posted by Johnny

The following is a study of The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict by Josh McDowell. For more post on this subject click on the label below, or better yet buy the book. Below is just a brief synopsis, in the book each number gets explained thoroughly.

Unique In Its Ciculation

It's not unusual to hear about books that have hit the bestseller list, selling a few hundred thousand copies. It's much rarer to come across books that have sold more than a million copies, and rarer still to find books that have past the ten-million mark in sales. It staggers the mind, then, to discover the number of Bibles sold reaches into the billions. That's right, billions! More copies of been produced of its entirety as well as selected portions than any other book in history. Some will argue that in a designated month or year more of a certain book was sold. However, no other book even begins to compare to the scripture in terms of it's total circulation.

3A. Unique In Its Translation

The numbers of translations of the Bible are every bit as impressive as its sales numbers. Most books are never translated into another tongue. Among the books that are, most are published in just two or three languages. Far fewer books see translation figures rise into the teens. According to the United Bible Societies, the Bible (or portions of it), has been translated into more than 2,200 other languages, these languages represent the primary vehicle of communication for well over 90% of the world's population ( Worldwide, no other book in history has been translated, retranslated, and paraphrased more than the Bible.
The Bible was one of the first major books translated. Around 250 B.C. , the Hebrew Old Testament was translated into Greek and given the name Septuagint. (Unger, UBD, 1147) The work was originally produced for Greek-speaking Jews living in Alexandria who could no longer speak Hebrew.
Since then translators have actively rendered the Scriptures-both Old and New Testaments - into languages that either have or are without written alphabet. Wycliffe Bible translators alone has over 6,000 people working with more than 850 different languages in 50 countries to produce new or revised versions of the Bible. (Barnes, OCB, 823) Of these 468 languages are being translated for the first time. According to Ted Bergman at the Summer Institute of Linguistics, at this rate the Bible should be available to almost all language groups between the years 2007-2022. This means that we are less than a generation away from witnessing the world's first translated text!
Not other book in history comes close to comparing with the Bible in its translation activity.

I have not been posting this every week as I had intended to. I hope to get back to posting at least every other week with this study of The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict. I hope you are enjoying this study as much as I am. If this interest you I encourage you to go buy the book, because it is such a good investment for your home library.

No Coupon Inserts 4-12  

Posted by Johnny

Remember that there are no coupon inserts this week due to the Holiday. However we did get five inserts in last weeks papers to make up for this week, so not all is a loss.

Knit & Crochet Projects Finished  

Posted by Johnny

The past two days I have been trying to finish this scarf that I have been working on for over 5 months now. It was not hard I just didn't feel up to knitting. This yarn started as a shawl and I made the mistake of not buying enough for the shawl, then when I went to buy more it was not the same dye lot, so it did not match, so I have been ripping the shawl apart and making a plain scarf form it for one of my nieces. I hope she likes it after taking the time to do it, you never know with teenagers.

The next thing I finished was this dog sweater. My daughters dog, Harley, is a chiuaua mix so she is always cold and shaking. So I found a dog sweater pattern and finished it within two days. I used scrap yarn and ran out of the brown so I used black for the collar. If I would have known I did not have enough I would have also done the tail end ribbing and the middle ribbing in black as well, so it coordinated better, but this is just for around the house so it serves the purpose. Also this dog has the funniest neck, nothig sits right on her neck, so if I make her another one I will make the next more like a turtle neck so it will appear to be up on her neck.

Free ReUsable Bag From Kroger  

Posted by Johnny

Kroger is once again offering a FREE reusable bag for those that design a bag and submit it. It is very easy to do and then they will credit your card with .99 good towards the cost of a reusable bag. If you would like to get in on a free bag then go here and design yours.
Kroger bags are one of my favorite as far as reusable bags go, the next in line would be Walgreens and Meijer. Wal-Mart's bags in my opinion stink! They are very flimsy and have no support in the bottom. I have at least one from all of the places I shop and I try to use them every time I shop, however once in awhile they do get forgotten in the van or I drive the other car and forget to grab them. Reusable bags really do cut down on the number of bags you get. Especially if you shop as much as I do.

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too!  

Posted by Johnny

Okay really it's just a catchy title...LOL!

For those of you with a Kroger in your area, they are running the Duncan Hines cake mixes 10/$1 and you do not have to buy 10 to get the $1 cake mix. There is a .35/1 MQ form the 3-29 inserts if you live in a place where the double it makes these super cheap and for people in my area where they triple it makes them FREE!! I alreagdy puchase some coupons from Coupon Clippers the same day they were in the paper to make sure I had plenty of them when they went on sale. If you live in an area where your ad starts Thursday these will be on sale next week as well.

Also on sale next week at Kroger:

Large Eggs = .89

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter = 1.50

Knorr Rice & Pasta Sides = 1.00

Kelloggs Select Varieties Cereal = 2.18

Kroger Canned Veggies = .50

Fresh Broccoli or Cauliflower = .99

Also worth mentioning , but I am unsure of the prices at this time will check and post about the prices are the Comstock Pie Fillings for 25% off. These are usually very expensive around $3.50 a can, so I will check and see if these are a good deal.

$1 Money Maker @ Meijer  

Posted by Johnny

I found a great money maker at Meijer today totally by accident.
Buy (2) French's Classic Yellow Mustard which are on sale 5/$5 this week. Use the .50/ MQ coupon from 3/29 Inserts making these FREE, then you will get a Catalina for $1 ONYO.
For those of you new to couponing a Catalina is a coupon that prints off on the machine that sits right next to the register tape.
I really didn't need more mustard but I am a sucker for freebies. I will be donating these to the local Project help and making money doing it!

Sunday Coupon Preview  

Posted by Johnny

This Sunday there will be five inserts so make sure you get your papers. I myself will be picking up eight this week. I usually buy five Detroit and one local paper for the ads. I do have a feeling the papers will be hard to come by this week and I may have to go to Coldwater to get them. It always seems when there is a lot of coupons in the paper other people do the same thing as I do and buy more papers so they usually run out where I pick them up then I have to go to the nearest Michigan town (which is only 15 miles for me) which is Coldwater. Around here the best paper for coupons is the Detroit Free Press. When I am out of town I try to get the paper from the biggest town nearby, like in Ohio I try to get the Cleveland paper. So if you live in a rural area try to find the paper that is from the big city and you will soon discover they have been shorting us rural folk on coupons!
If you would like to see the previews for the coupons this week go here take a peek.

One Sock Done  

Posted by Johnny

Well my sock is done. I finished it Sunday and didn't get it posted. However, the bad news is that it doesn't fit! I am sure it would have fit if I would have bought the yarn I intended on getting (Patons Strech Yarn) in the first place, because it has more give to it. But I am so cheap that I chose this Sock yarn instead, because I figured if I did not finish then I would not be out the money plus I used a 40% off coupon at Joann's. I was very disappointed at first then I decided that it was just a learning experience. I have started the next one and I am making it bigger. I also had to buy more yarn, which means I didn't really save any money! GRRR!
Oh well, I am really enjoying making these stupid socks and I hope my family will enjoy them as much, because they will all probably get a pair for Christmas...LOL! Now that I have taken the mystery out of crocheting I am finding I can crochet a lot of things. I have made a few flowers, a granny square, and a dishcloth. After I finish these socks though I need to re-focus on Aprons and Denim. I am so A.D.D that I tend to drift from project to project.
I also have finished sewing Spencer's Boy Scout badges on his sash. He seemed pretty happy that I finally got them on. I wanted to get caught up before he gets his Eagle, which should be some time this summer. Sewing badges on is the last thing I want to be doing before his Eagle party!

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