4-H Is Here Again  

Posted by Johnny

So it's that time of year again...and as usual I am always so excited to see the kids get started on their projects. Then about a week before projects are due I am wondering why I let them take on so much!

Well, this year I did get Morgan to take one less project so she will only be doing seven. That means less posters...which is great, but I did buy the posters at Walgreens already anticipating her taking three projects that required posters.

Spencer, WILL NOT be sewing this year. Even though he keeps trying to find patterns that would be, in his words, "so much easier than last year". Well after last year, yes anything would be easier. He will be taking microwave cooking and floriculture. I hope the floriculture is as easy as it sounds. I will be looking around Ft. Wayne to see if there is any place that offers flower arranging classes, I think that will help tremendously.

Here is one of the patterns Morgan picked out. She will also have to find a pattern for some Capri's. We found the fabric at Joann's for only $4/yd, and we only needed 2 yds. (heads up next week Joann's clearance fabric will be 1/2 off!!)

This is fabric we picked up for $4.50/yrd that she will use the same pattern to make another top. I took two pictures of the fabric. One is the right side and the other is the wrong side. Morgan wants to do the majority of the shirt with the wrong side out and then do the yoke of the shirt (not sure if you can see it in this picture) with the right side. I think to make this shirt a little more difficult we will be adding piping around the yoke. It will actually help it look more professional as well.

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I'll take one in a Medium Adult. Smiles!!!


Morgan Grandma wants one also! Can't wait to see them finished.

Morgan said "Send the Fabric and she would make you guys one". Personally, I think you would forget what the fabric looked like by the time you got the shirt...lol.

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