Sleepless Nights  

Posted by Johnny

Well, here it is 1:34 and I can't sleep! I really wanted to get to bed early tonight too. I crawled in bed at 10:15 (which is fairly early for me) and was abut falling asleep watching the rest of the show that was on. Before the show even was over the T.V. got turned off, because we were getting such poor reception. So I thought good I am tired I am going to sleep good! I think I might have dosed off once? This is one of the many things I deal with having fibromyalgia . I am tired a lot and don't sleep well at all. I have went as far as to cut almost all of my caffeine out of my diet. I usually have one cup of coffee per day and maybe one orange soda. It gets very frustrating at times when I am so tired and can't sleep. It tends to go in cycles, I sleep for a month or two with no problems then out of nowhere I can't get sleep (or good sleep) to save my life.
Some of you may read this and not have a clue what I am talking about. That's okay, read up on fibromyalgia and this will give you a better understanding of the disease. Then on the other hand some of you may know someone or may be diagnosed yourself with a FM or a similar disease such as CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). Post your ideas and what has and has not worked for you. I am always interested in trying new ways to help me cope.

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